More than 10, medical practices and physicians currently utilize this data to analyze compensation and market trends. Overall, primary care physicians experienced a 3. Practices are staying ahead of the curve by monitoring these trends and in this case, offering higher wages and more incentives to attract and retain the talent they need. In this time of shortage, practices recruiting new doctors are offering more salary, in addition to other incentives, particularly in specialties where there may be a shortage. This report found steady increases in the median guaranteed compensation for newly-hired providers between and Guaranteed compensation for newly-hired emergency medicine, cardiology and urology physicians grew

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But how are physician recruiters not to mention physician job-seekers supposed to know what comprises a fair compensation plan? It also produces the compensation survey that, according to that ASPR Benchmarking Survey, is the most widely used among in-house physician recruiters. Best for: Physician recruiters and administrators looking to craft physician compensation plans using the industry-leading survey.

The DataDive License allows for interactive adjustments, a five-year trend analysis, and comparison of individual organization data against industry standards.

Learn more here. In addition to physician-focused surveys, Sullivan Cotter also produces reports for health care executives in a variety of settings, advanced practice providers and other health care staff.

According to its website , the Physician Compensation and Productivity Survey report has been published for 25 years. The edition was compiled with information from more than health care organizations, which provided data on , providers.

Best for: Recruiters of physicians, advanced practice providers and health care executives looking for industry-standard compensation information. Other reports are available at various price levels; a full menu of their available surveys can be found here. The AMGA Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey has a year history of reporting salaries and production benchmarks for new and experienced physicians and advanced practice providers at multispecialty groups and other health care organizations.

Pricing is higher for other organizations and customized reports. The report features data from 3, searches. Pricing: The PDF report review is free and available for download here.

In addition to communicating average compensation for 27 specialties, the Medscape report also compiles interesting compensation, benefit and practice information by gender, race, age and region. Information is presented both in aggregate and by specialty. Best for: Physicians and physician recruiters looking for a general overview of physician-submitted compensation and incentive data presented in an easy-to-digest way. Pricing: The report is free and available here.


New MGMA Research Finds Physician Compensation on the Rise

Charity Boulton Everyone wants to know if they are being paid fairly. National and regional salary surveys exist for most occupations. The survey breaks down its results by specialties including anesthesiology. Historically, anesthesiology has been one of the top specialties in terms of the number of physicians participating in the MGMA survey. The anesthesiologist may be disappointed, elated or somewhere in between at the comparison.


Participate in an MGMA Survey



Comparing the Anesthesiologist W-2 to the MGMA Physician Compensation Survey


ISO 14443-3 PDF

MGMA Physician Compensation & Production Survey 2011


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