About The Bintel Brief About For the thousands of Jewish immigrants who flooded into America during the late s and early s, the Jewish Daily Forward was far more than a newspaper? Led by its legendary founding editor, Abraham Cahan, the Forverts helped generations of newcomers adjust to life in America. Unabashedly leftist in bent, the paper tirelessly chronicled the hardships of life in New York? But the work of helping immigrants and promoting a leftist agenda also continued off the page: The Jewish Daily Forward sponsored English classes, charity balls and a pro-labor summer camp, and hosted vaccination days in the lobby of its building. The paper?

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Dear Menorah, Thank you for being a mensch! Yes, absolutely continue paying your cleaning lady. I say, pay her for as long as it is financially feasible for you. People who work hourly, in low-paying jobs — who are often undocumented — are the most vulnerable to financial ruin in a situation like this, so the best thing you can do is continue paying her. I would still keep your distance while she is there — use it as a time to get some fresh air — and make sure she disinfects everything.

Make it abundantly clear that she cannot come if she has any symptoms, or has been in contact with someone who did. In the meantime, if you need help with linens, laundry or basic cleaning before then, ask your healthy daughter to come over! As for Pesach, remember: the Egyptians had to slog through 10 plagues before Pharaoh let us go.

Look, this crisis is unfolding so rapidly, no one is sure what Pesach will look like. If you need help getting the house ready, think of it as another bonding opportunity with said daughter. If all else fails, perhaps leave the chametz and just…ignore it. It is not worth risking your health. You can always repent on Yom Kippur. Dear Abbys, As soon as I heard that patient No. Is this rational or is this historical DNA rearing its ugly face?

Played by all ages and levels of expertise in any language, and no pegs or operating instructions to lose! Batteries always included. One of us Abbys has also blamed nosy neighbors and a missing bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

But why Jews? These were often baseless and anti-Semitic accusations, and they are being echoed dangerously in our day. Yes, we tend to congregate and schmooze in close quarters , and there is a lot of overcrowding in some Haredi communities. But this is not why Covid is running rampant. There is no proof that someone, or a group of someones, is culpable for this catastrophe. Yet the Blame Game persists.

Blame is just fear trying to disguise itself in a top hat. Not to mention isolation, joblessness, and hoarding of Doritos. But instead of recognizing and potentially dealing with these feelings, we can feel a sense of power or control when we find someone to blame. So remember, if you hear Jews are to blame, look at the person pointing fingers. The caterer said that if she wants to postpone, the only day he can offer is Aug. Unfortunately, I have a vacation booked over that weekend.

My family all assumes I will cancel half my vacation and I feel like a big jerk for not wanting to. What do you think? Signed, Jewish Guilt is Strong, N. Who wants to cancel a vacation, especially one scheduled so impressively far in advance? And of course you have to cancel. Years of planning — and surely piles of money — out the window. At this point, she should probably be grateful to have the date be far out into the summer: no one wants to cancel the same wedding twice.

Get on the phone and explain the circumstances. You may even get an upgrade from a travel industry facing doom and disaster. And if you lose a deposit?

Worse things have happened — worse things are happening all around us, right? Liana finck.


Bintel Brief is Back: ‘Dear Abbys’ dish advice in dark times

Founded by Abraham Cahan left , The Forward was the most popular Yiddish daily newspaper in America at the turn of the 20th century. From tough bosses to rough neighborhoods, from dating to marriage to love, the Bintel Brief became a favorite source of advice and wisdom for generations of Jewish immigrants. Today, The Forward is published weekly in both English and Yiddish and online. The Bintel Brief is currently part of a blog where readers continue to send in questions and receive quality advice from the editors.


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Begun in by Forverts editor Abraham Cahan, the column was a forum in which readers could share their stories, seek counsel, and even find relatives. The Bintel Brief was a valued resource for Jewish immigrants trying to establish a new American identity. Unwed Mother Written by a man, this letter concerns an out-of-wedlock pregnancy and the disproportionate price paid by the woman. Is he obliged to marry her, he asks, even if he does not love her?


A Bintel Brief


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