What is in store for his future? How will be the time for him in future? Will he ever be able to succeed in the task he has taken up? Which field should he choose in order to earn a lot of fame and fortune? These are some queries that always prick the human conscience. Astrology, since antiquity, had helped mankind to know the future events before hand.

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Blue, brown and bright colours bring peace and comforts for you. O Thou Invisible One! During the weaker phases of Rahu and the Sun, you anka shastra suffer from anka shastra diseases. Vedas are the oldest, the most authentic and the most sacred scriptures to understand the mysteries of nature Vedas are oldest books in the library of the world. What is the Impact of Destiny Number 9 Fate. The bottom of 2 shows shastta horizontal line that is attached firmly to ground.


Rare Ancient Hinduism Books to Download (All Pdf)

Mishura So 0 represents the cosmic delusion. There is a scope to receive and release new ideas and concepts. By nature, man is curious to know about his shastrx future. Thus 1 represents single-mindedness in achieving the objectives, creativity, and starting new ventures.

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