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All right s reserved. All ot her prod uct and compan ies named herein may be trade marks This Introducti on covers the insta llation and system requirem ents and provides an overview of the typical ShowBiz workflow.

The rest of the user manual covers how The in staller shoul d start automatica lly. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete t he installa tion. Take note as to where t he program is insta lling, and wher e it can be found in the Start menu. Note: If the installer does not start au tomatica Capture Record video from your DV ca mera or other video device. Edit Edit your videos and combine them w ith other v ideo clips, transitions, effects, Capture Video Capture Audio Capture It consists of two tabs: Vid eo and Audio.

Choose Video to record video from DV camcorders and other connected devices. Choose Audio to record sound clip s, voiceovers, and othe r sounds.

When you are in the Capt ure modu le, a red Record button in the Player lets you sta The ava ilable options vary depending on th e device. You can use these controls to nav igate to a specific loca tion on the DV tape. Use th Audio Device: Check the box if you would like to record audio as well. If you check the box, choose your device from the pull-down. The following buttons may also be available. Specific optio ns are dependent on your device.

Contact the devi ce manager if you The Source and Format buttons may have variou In the Save As window, enter in the file name and save location for t Sc ene dete ction is discussed further in Section 3.

If you choose to have sc ene detect ion, you can either do it manually during the capture proces s by pressing th e space bar on your keyboard , or automatically. For automatic scene detection, s cenes can e ither be se parated by If you are extracting audio fr om a CD, select the l etter associated with the driv e you plan to use.

You can t hen preview the CD tracks with the standard playback controls play, stop, rewind It contains four primary tab s, one for each type of component you can add to your video clip: M edia, Text, Transitions, Effect s.

A fifth tab, Export, appears as so on as you have content in your video cl ip. Text — Choose tex t template s to apply to yo ur video clip, s uch as Use the Player to preview and trim your video clip as you compile it.

The lef t timer indic ates the tota l playing time of the s elected compo nent. The r ight ti mer indicates the current time. When viewing an audio or vid eo component, the timer s lider beneath the pr eview window has two marke rs: the Start Marker and the End M arker. You can click and drag these to tri Conten t includes stil l images, video files, a nd audio f iles.

Albums Albums are collec tions of shortcuts to files stored on your s ystem. The program uses albu ms to help yo u organize your media components. Enter a new name for your album or rename any a lbum by simply typing over the exist ing name.

Add - Click this button to add files to your album. A standard Open window lets you browse your system for files to add. The program sc ans the se lecte d video file and automatica lly breaks it up according to changes in time or content. When you right-click a video thumbnail in an album, It serves as the temp late for video construction. You add a still image or video clip to each spot on the Storyboard. Then, when yo u save your video, all of the compon ents are combin ed into a sing le file.

Yo u can then use the file in th T his makes i t easy to rearrange video cl ips and still images, or swap transitions from one spot to another. Use the arrows at th e beginning and en d of the Storyboard to scroll through additional comp You can recomb ine two split v ideos by selecti ng them both on the Storyboard or Timeli ne, right-clicking, and selecting Combine.

Delete — Removes th e select ed clip s from the It offers a more in-depth v iew of your constructed mov ie than the Storyboard. Every component that you have added still images, videos, audio, transitions, tex t, and special effects c Editing Text Effects. To edit text effect s, click the Ed it Text butto n that appears on th e left of the Play er.

Options for editing t ext are discussed in Section 3. Video Track Items on the Video Track in clud e still images, video Thi s is the ti me that the i mage remains o n the screen before chang ing to the nex t compon ent on the Timeline.

Editing Transitions. S elect a This is u seful if you want to move around or edit specific areas witho ut having to worry about unintentionally modifying other compo nents.

While work ing in the T imeline, y ou have the following op tions available: Undo — Undoes the last comma nd. Redo — Undoes the last undo command. You can perf Click on any text option to preview it in the Player. The Text tab is divid ed into tw o categories: Style and Effect. Components from the Effect catego ry are attached to the actual On the ri ght is a column of text styl es. Chose the one you like best.

In Edit mode, choos e either Move or Text. With Mov e selected, you can reposition your text by clicking and dragging. With Text selected , your mouse functions as it would in a word processor. Check the box to The available options for a tra nsiti on vary dep In the Effects tab, they are organize d into various ca tegories including crop shapes, frame s, and filters. Click and drag an effect onto any video cli p or still image on the Timeline. It will appear at the top of the clip or image.

You can remove an e You choo se how and where the file is saved. The following save optio The module is divided into six tabs: Media — In this tab, you cho ose individual video files that you want to use in your DVD movie. Ea ch video that you add b ecomes a separate chapter. You can also divide a s Each video you add is made into its ow n chapter in your movie. The preview ar ea on the right s ide of the screen shows you your curre nt movie layout.

As you add video files, thumbnails for each video appear. To add a video f ile to Themes are albums of categorized imag es that can be used as menu background s for your DVD. From the pull- down, select the category yo u want. You can th en choose the exa ct menu backgr ound.

Double-clic k it to add it as the background for the You can choose the th umbnail border s as well as the thumbnail arrangements. If you update one thu mbnail frame and wo uld to apply that frame e ither to al l thumbna ils on the current menu or to all thumb nails Simply click on the text you want in the pr eview area, then edit as you see fit. You can alter the font , size, style b old and italic , a nd text color. If you like the style and color of a pa rticular string of text that you have added and would l


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