With additional options for print control and DRM to prevent sharing, you will have the most secure document protection on the planet that cannot be exploited. With additional options for print control and DRM to prevent sharing, you will have the most secure video protection on the planet that cannot be exploited. Ideal for data protection and safe from all exploits including screen capture and packet-sniffers. Our buffering enables feature movies to play without delay.

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Free software upgrades for life. Free use of the DRM portal to manage an unlimited number of groups, subscribers and documents. Sales are integrated with your DRM account to add new subscribers from successful purchases. There is no commission payable on sales. All you need is a PayPal account. Free use of the online book cover design tool that is integrated with your DRM account and online store.

If that sounds too much like a sales pitch, please consider that ArtistScope pioneered copy protection in and is still the leading developer for the copy protection of all media displayed on both the desktop and online using a web browser.

ArtistScope is the oldest surviving copy protection provider and the only one with integrity and the history to prove it. The order form will automatically calculate the discount for multiple licenses.

An Alternative To Purchasing Is Renting While purchasing a software license provides all options and features, if you only need the DRM service, it can be rented per month or by hits to your documents. Also, it can be managed from any computer or device, including mobile phones. For a complete price list, see DRM Service Rental The rented service also includes use of our online book cover design tool and the option to sell your ebooks from our online book store commission free with successful sales automatically adding new subscribers to your DRM Portal for management, newsletters, statistics, etc.

Other solutions are not secure at all while CopySafe PDF provides the most secure protection from all copy, prevention of sharing and unauthorized distribution, and cannot be extracted or decompiled in any way. Adobe and other PDF readers are designed to be generic and as such are not secure. Absolutely not. So reputation and code-signing is most important for Windows and security applications to allow the Reader to do its job.

However we recommend giving your subscribers the link to download it direct from our web site so that they will always get the latest version. Distributing executable documents is something that we innovated only to learn soon after that it posed problems as later versions were released that caused conflicts and errors. It is always best to distribute individual documents that can be read in the CopySafe PDF Reader which can be updated as and when necessary.

Although the document is encrypted to the nth level and cannot be decrypted by any application except the CopySafe PDF Reader, the file size of the original document does not increase. Licensing for the CopySafe PDF Protector software is a one-time fee that includes use of the online DRM portal, the online book cover design tool and the online book store for free for life.

Any type of files that can be converted to PDF. However PDF with embedded video and music is not supported. Are hyperlinks and bookmarks supported? Bookmarks within the same document are supported and hyperlinks to resources on the Internet are also supported. Is it necessary to be online to open a DRM protected document?

Your subscribers and document permissions are managed from your online DRM portal, so to gain approval to open a DRM protected document the subscriber must be online at the time. However since late all popular web browsers have dropped support for real plugins, leaving only the ArtistScope web browser to support plugins that can action at system level.

The plugins now supported by popular browsers can only be based on JavaScript and CSS and are thus limited to simple apps. Publishing for desktop reading vs web page viewing? While web page display of protected PDF may seem like a good idea, it is not as secure as desktop reading and can be limited because only the ArtistScope browser can be used.

Windows is required. Not possible. Authors publishing their intellectual property for such devices do so at their own peril.


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