Unit T, New Manila Condominium Domingo St. Anyone making use of this information assumes all liability arising from such use. Printed in the Philippines.

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Unit T, New Manila Condominium Domingo St. Anyone making use of this information assumes all liability arising from such use. Printed in the Philippines. This book or any part thereof must not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher. As part of its efforts to meet this objective, the association published the Handbook of Steel Shapes and Sections in The main purpose of the original publication was to provide local practitioners, suppliers, and fabricators with a set of produced steel products.

With the handbook, the need of substitutions due to unavailability and its corresponding cost and delay can thus be reduced or eliminated. Alternatively, it may be used to select substitute sections designed using otf er design manuals and tables.

Handbook, represents the second edition of the handbook. While its purpose and objectives are basically identical to those of the original publication, changes in the local steel market conditions as well as in design practices and technology necessitated revisions in the shapes and sections.

Majov revisions include, for one, modification in the thickness of plates and sheets used for the fabricated shapes to work towards the establishment of a truly metric standard rather than a metricized equivalent of english unit standards, Secondly, in an ffort to work towards compatibility to current international standards and practices the rolled shape sections have been considerably expanded to include locally available imported sections and metal deck sections has been added.

Thirdly, in an effort to increase the usefulness of the handbook, design examples has been added while retaining the design table and data in the original publication. In the preparation of this second edition, both solicited and unsolicited comments and suggestions coming from suppliers and fabricators, as well as designers, were instrumental to some of the revisions presented.

As future periodic revisions of this Steel Handbook by a responsible technical committee is expected, comments, corrections, recommendations, additions, deletions and any other relevant information which may be used to improving this handbook continue to be welcomed by the association.

Such comments are assured to receive the same careful consideration by the technical committee. Related Searches.


Asep Steel Handbook

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ASEP Steel Handbook.pdf

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