With this training you will: Use a very complete and gradual system of individual ritual practices; Use rituals coming from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Italian Renaissance; Begin to really develop your psychic abilities; Learn and practice in contact with mentors trained by the Aurum Solis answering questions on the private forum; Learn about the Hermetic, Ogdoadic, and Theurgic Traditions. Prepare your first initiation in the Aurum Solis How it is organized? You will use it during your practices in order to be truly in contact with the spiritual chain of the Ogdoadic Tradition and specifically the Aurum Solis. Students who live far from a House can participate to online activities organised by an Internet House of the Order. The membership of a Pronaos Member has a duration of 12 months.

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They do other work that weaves in the lateral parts of the Tree. Notice that A. Quote: I was wondering if this has anything to do with the Servants of Light lineage , where they also have 3 grades. No actual connection between them. Quote: Does Crowley mentions or comment this system? Apparently unknown to him. They were very quiet until decades after his death. Quote: Does the ogdoadic star has anything to do with Sirius?

Although there are several levels of meaning, the most immediate points seem to be that 8 is historically a number of the Sun notice, for example, the 8 paths converging on Tiphereth , a number long associated with alchemical regeneration, and quite explicitly a number associated with Jesus Christ. For this reason, 8 is long called The Dominical Number.

Not as huge as you might think. Essentially, the post-Probationer A. Like it would take years So, what to do those years? Just keep going step by step. It takes months, at most. Quote: there are no AA lodges in europe There are no A. Is there another plane where we could draw a comparison to make things even clearer?

Or would it be just mental masturbation? Maybe both issues are linked. I have also trouble with memorizing the GD stuff. I wonder how Crowley could learn this stuff in a year and a half. Would you have any advice to increase memory and astral endurance?


Becoming a member of the Aurum Solis (Pronaos)

This first step is individual and can be done most of the time from your home. This is a great opportunity to experiment various energetic practices and rituals. In this unique experience you will be supported by Mentors you can join on the private forum. You do not need to be sponsored to register.


Discover the fascinating account of how he transformed Llewellyn Publications from a small publisher of astrology pamphlets into the largest and most important publisher of body, mind, and spirit literature. Written by longtime friend Melanie Marquis—and including photos and contributions from authors, artists, family, friends, and collaborators—this is a book that looks back at the kindling of a movement while empowering fellow travelers on their journey forward. It is an excellent biography—lucid, fast-paced and comprehensive—of one of the most important and best regarded personalities in the formation of those traditions. Most important, it embodies precisely those qualities, of efficiency mixed with love, which summed up the person whom it portrays.

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