In December of Moscow is a city in chaos, torn apart by gang violence and hyperinflation, its population in terror of a killer preying on children. But reform means hardship, and surviving the Russian winter is already too hard; Alice has only a short period to succeed before the people lose patience with the progressive government. Red October is the centrepiece of a savage mafiya war between its charismatic boss Lev and his Chechen nemesis Karkadann. Are the brutal child killings terrorizing Moscow connected to their violent conduct? How should Alice handle the discovery that Red October is riddled with corruption?

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The main characters are Jez, Kate, Red, and Duncan. Red is the lead investigator for the hard case he works on throughout the book. Red also has a brother and then his parents. Throughout the book, there are relationships built and many more suspenseful moments. No one even has a clue to what it is.

Red goes through some super hard decisions and suffers through the consquences afterwords. The way the serial killer chooses his victims are by methods of execution for each of the 12 apostles.

Slowly throughout the book, the pick up clues of the killer. One major hint to why they will call him "Silver Tongue" is giving away in the near beginning of the story. When it comes to solving cases, usually Red is the one that ends up breaking the case and solves it but in this case, its way harder for him and he has a extremely hard time working around this one. While trying to solve this case, him and his wife have multiple fights and their relationship grows further and further.

My opinion of the book is that I loved it. I picked it up by Mr. It was kind of dry in the beginning and then eventually it watered up. It does take a little bit of time to get down to the mystery and get the answer. It does give you little mini mysteries throughout the book too though to keep you slightly into the book and not lose you. I think the author did a decent job writing the book.

Overall, this was a good book. It had some dry parts where I would have put it down but kept reading anyway hoping it would pick up some action shortly which it did.

Like I said, only way I read this was because of my history teacher. I actually thank him for giving me a interesting book and I possible may go back to him for another book of his choice I may like.


Boris Starling

Career[ edit ] Starling has written seven crime novels. His first book, Messiah , was published in Notable for its fast pace and high levels of gore, Messiah was a commercial and critical success, reaching both The New York Times and the official UK bestseller lists. Starling is listed as series creator of the franchise.



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