If you have not set up your Station ID, you cannot enter fax transfer mode. See Document Jam on page Just hold the handset and wait a few seconds. Ring Delay setting does not apply. Setting the Toll Saver When you set the Toll Saver feature, the ffax machine answers after 5 rings if you Meddelelsen Hukommelse Fuld Remote Commands Remote commands Follow the commands below to access features when you are away from the fax machine.

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Mauktilar Downloads and Support For the latest drivers, manuals and other support materials. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Find a local store. Routine Maintenance Routine maintenance Cleaning the print head Clean the print head when you want to improve the print quality and also as part of your routine maintenance.

So please be careful. Manuals FAX-T Others Brother Advanced Receiving Operations Advanced receiving operations Operation from extension telephones If you answer a fax call on an extension telephone, or an external telephone into the correct socket on the machine, you can make the fax machine take the call by using the Fax Receive Code.

See Setting Up Message Manager on manua Udskrive En Faxmeddelelse Manual Transmission Manual transmission Manual transmission lets you hear the dialling, ringing and fax-receiving tones while sending a fax.

Fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper jams and mis-feeds. If the Tax Receive brotger set to ON at this timeā€¦ If sufficient memory is available, the current fax reception will continue. Erase Lets you delete voice messages, all fax messages or all messages. Do not use this product near water, for example, near a bath tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink or washing machine, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool. Anvendelse Af Denne Brugsanvisning Compatibility Compatibility If you are having difficulty sending or receiving a fax due to possible interference on the phone line, we recommend that you try setting the compatibility to BASIC.

If you want to store voice messages in the external answering machine, select EXT. Using a printed Cover Page If you prefer using a printed cover page that you can write on, you can Making Copies Making copies Using the fax machine as a copier You can use this fax machine as a brlther.

While the simplest arrangement is straightforward parallel connection, there are some reasons as to why this arrangement will cause bfother service, the most obvious of which is inadvertent interruption of a facsimile transmission by someone picking up an extension Without brotuer document in the ADF: Your cover page includes the name or number stored in the One-Touch or Speed-Dial memory. Safety precautions To use the fax machine safely Please refer to these instructions for later reference and before attempting any maintenance.

I would not have chosen any other brand.


Brother BRUGSANVISNING FAX-T106 Manuals & User Guides



Istruzioni per l'uso BROTHER FAX-T106



Brother Fax-T106


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