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Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg , Judgment of 7 February sixth chamber. Indirect discrimination on grounds of sex in collective labour agreements. Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg , Judgment of 7 February sixth Adinolfi Common Market Law Review , O Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Printed in the Netherlands. Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Judgment of 7 February sixth chamber , not yet reported. The issues The issues raised by the Nimz case, although not completely new, gave the the opportunity to go deeper into two different questions.

Firstly, after confirming that Article of the EEC Treaty is directly applicable with regard to indirect sex discrimination as well, the Court further clarified which elements may justify a difference in wages without representing a breach of the principle of equal pay. The Court also specified what national courts should do when a clause of a collective agreement appears to be inconsistent with Article This raises the question of the extent to which the autonomy of social partners is limited by Community law.

The facts A woman worker employed by the University of Hamburg lodged a claim complaining about an indirect sex discrimination arising from section 23 a of the collective agreement for public employees Bundesangestelltentarifvertrag.





Bundesangestelltentarifvertrag : (Bund, La╠łnder, Gemeinden) ; BAT


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