Home Technology Partners HP Autonomy Cardiff Teleform Document Capture Cardiff Announces TeleForm v10 Automatic processing of invoices, loan documents, contracts and other unstructured documents Forms, documents and electronic files automation on a single platform Every-Touch audit, tracking, reporting and digital signature support Seamlessly connects paper-based processes with electronic business workflows and eForms Any Form. Any Document. You are global and local You are agile and regulated You are speed and quality You are growth and lean … and like many organizations you struggle to achieve these balances because many of your critical processes are paper-based and difficult to manage. We use the system to capture and process key workforce documents that drive our business operations.

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OpenText TeleForm Data Capture SoftwareOpenText TeleForm Provide a paper on-ramp for document and forms-driven line of business processes using powerful design, distribution, capture and recognition technologies to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry Contact us What is data capture software?

Data capture software enables information to be extracted from paper and electronic forms that are captured using scanning technology or collected from fax, email, post, file servers, and integrated systems. Using advanced recognition technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition OCR , Intelligent Character Recognition ICR , and barcode recognition, the best data capture software solutions help eliminate time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry to ensure a more a streamlined line of business workflow.

The solution enables organizations to create and distribute forms, and automate form processing, using OCR and other recognition technologies, to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. TeleForm automatically captures, classifies and extracts information from paper, electronic documents and forms to create accurate, process-ready content. TeleForm enhances and accelerates digital transformation activities, Enterprise Information Management EIM solutions, and Customer Experience Management CEM projects, by capturing information and documents provided by customers, automating document workflows, and ensuring efficient and consistent customer workflow processes.

By eliminating time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry, TeleForm streamlines document-driven business workflow and delivers a significant and rapid return on investment. TeleForm features Form creation and distribution Design forms optimized for accurate data capture and automate multi-channel form distribution with powerful data merge capabilities.

Comprehensive structured forms scanning and data capture Capture important data and content from MFPs, scanners, fax, email, web and smartphones.

Web and mobile document capture Captures documents at the point they are received using remote web and mobile capture to reduce delays that can negatively affect customer service. Customer success stories With OpenText TeleForm, information from our various meetings was processed far more quickly and made easily accessible to our staff. This allowed us to know right away which meetings were more successful and enabled us to improve the way we target our members going forward.


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