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As a reminder, El Camino College has a policy on academic honesty. This is a lot of information to cover in one semester so we will not be able to get to every detail of the CATIA manufacturing package.

Be sure to click on all of the links of each page. There prusmatic also a book assignment, which will get you used to program a part from start to finish. CATIA tutorials for beginners. Self Guided Programming Assignments. We will also be using the Chat room for live communication. El Camino CollegeCrenshaw Blvd. And you will need a compression program like WinZip. The ability to express your questions so that others can help you and the ability machinjng express answers so that others will benefit from your input is a major part of success in online learning as well as success in your career.

You will also need an Internet connection with email capabilities. Catiw, please respond to at least two posts in the discussion area. Online Documentation Programming Assignments. Follow this link to see the shop floor documentation for this assignment pismatic Shop Floor Docs. But remember to post at least two questions and two responses in the discussion area. Also, you will have to keep backup copies of all of your assignments.

Division of Industry and Technology. We will be using the Discussion Area in Blackboard for posting question and answers about assignments. You are expected to abide by the procedures set forth in the document. Because this is an online course, students are required to participate in the Discussion Area. You can machinng meet me in the chat room if you have questions see Instructor Contact Information for office hours.

Please have a backup plan in case of technical failure such as Internet problems. Please be sure to use a descriptive subject line on your posts. Prismatic Machining Please be sure your post subject is descriptive so others will know what your question is about. Instructions for using the Digital Drop box are found on the course website select Tools Digital Drop box. Concepts explored include interactive geometry and surface construction, tool motion, numerical control NC MILLING functions, graphic editing, graphic output, repetitive programming, and complex surface machining for three, four and five axis machining centers.

I cannot be responsible if you lose your assignments. And we will use the Virtual Classroom for live demonstrations. Chat will also be available for office hours. And finally, I will provide fully modeled parts for you to create machine programs using your own methods. The other 3 parts are extra credit for anyone who has completed all of the other required work. Grading will be for completing assignments and for participation in the discussion area.

After completing this course, you will be able to do the following: TOP 10 Related.


Tutorial : Creating Prismatic Joints in CATIA

CADD Centre is also the preferred training partner of more than corporate houses in India and abroad. An Arm Rotating about a Revolute Joint. Newer Post Older Post Home. The processes of generating movie files and plots of the kinematic results are covered.


CATIA Prismatic Machining - CAD/CAM Lab



Lathe & Prismatic Machining – LPE


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