Almost pages which everyone will enjoy, especially if you are thinking of a round-the-world tour, seen as the author, Chris Scott, gives advice on travelling through Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Keep on reading! We believe he is referring to the period when he was planning the motorbike trip we all know of. AMH7 has been expanded and updated and contains a lot of useful info, often difficult to find in other specialised books or magazines. But what makes this book really special are the contributions of over 30 people, all expert bike adventurers and globetrotters Lois Pryce, Walter Cloebatch, Gaurav Jani, Grant Johnson, Nick Hill, to name but a few. Totalling almost pages AMH7 is the most complete manual for those of you who want to go from Timbuktu to Kathmandu, or from Patagonia to Mongolia… The extra pages of this edition if compared to the first edition include updates and extras on the following topics: Practical information, essential documentation, detailed preparation of luggage and tools for riding in all the countries of the developing world the AM zone , borders, how to cope with accidents and medical emergencies in general, transportation, navigation, camping in the wild, from motorways to off-road riding, the diagnosis of the most common breakdowns and also a overland guide for quads, trans-continental routes for Africa, Asia and Latin America, the updated mapping of the itineraries and riding stories from the pioneers to the present day, with first hand reports in India, Morocco, South America, Pakistan and Siberia.

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On both types of events, the choice of route was critical to the successful outcome. If you think I can help you with something similar, get in touch. In many cases the feasibility of your project can be established in a couple of emails. Otherwise, my fees include ongoing support following an initial meeting. As well as illustrating the covers and colour spreads of my books, a couple of my photos have reached the finals of photo competitions.

And a year later we took a similar km ride across the Himalaya from Leh to Shimla, including a sphincter-loosening ride across the Kibber Span. In a friend and I flew into the remote Kimberley region of northwestern Australia and tracked our way back south along the Fitzroy river, carrying or paddling our packrafts. I also reprinted my Desert Riders dvd shot in Algeria and Niger in just before the whole Saharan tourism house of cards came tumbling down.

In I put together an ebook on Sahara Camel Trekking. In the same year Gestalten in Germany published the second English and a parallel German edition of their high-end overlanding lifestyle monograph called Hit The Road left.

I contributed the introduction to this edition. I also completed a long project editing and producing a paperback and kindle edition of In Search of the Tuareg; the Veiled People of the Sahara, by award-winning Dutch journalist and Saharan specialist, Gerbert van der Aa. On the right, Motorcycle Messengers 2 ; a compilation of motorcycle travel stories edited by Jeremy Kroeker.

Cover and preview left, more here. The only social media I do is Twitter. My latest posts should be visible somewhere up on the right.


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