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Page Accessories Accessories The following optional components can be purchased separately. For a complete list of options and accessories, contact your local Cognex sales representative. Cables Note: Cables are sold separately. Page 13 Introduction Light Cable The Light cable is used to connect the vision system to an external lighting device, providing power and strobe control. This cable is available in the lengths listed below. Page Installation Cognex sales representative. Note: Cables are sold separately.

If power cycling does not resolve the problem, please contact Cognex Technical Support. If you purchased a vision system with the pre-installed M12 lens, the lens can be replaced with other M12 lenses.

Page 18 3. If using a lens cover, attach the lens cover to the vision system. Align the keys on each side of the lens cover with the notches on the vision system, then push the lens cover down to the vision system until it stops moving. If you purchased a vision system with the C-Mount lens configuration, the mounting kit is not included in the box, but can be purchased as an optional component.

Please contact your Cognex sales representative for more information. As the working distance increases, so does the size of the field of view.

Verify that the 24VDC power supply being used is unplugged and not receiving power. Page Specifications Specifications The following sections list general specifications for the In-Sight vision system. Acquisition Trigger Input The vision system features one acquisition trigger input, which is optically isolated.

The acquisition trigger input can be configured to trigger from either an NPN current sinking or PNP current sourcing device. Page General-purpose Inputs General-Purpose Inputs The vision system features three built-in general-purpose inputs, which are optically isolated. Connect any general-purpose input directly to the PLC output. Page High-speed Outputs High-Speed Outputs The vision system features four built-in high-speed outputs, which are optically isolated.

Connect any high-speed output directly to the PLC input. The Ethernet cable can be connected to a single device or provide connections to multiple devices via a network switch or router.

Page Light Cable Specifications Light Cable Specifications The Light cable is used to connect the vision system to an external lighting device, providing power and strobe control. The vision system can be connected to either a continuous lighting device or a strobed lighting device. Page Breakout Cable Specifications Specifications Breakout Cable Specifications The Breakout cable provides connections to an external power supply, the acquisition trigger input, general-purpose inputs, high-speed outputs and RS serial communications.

The Breakout cable is not terminated. Vision System Dimensions Note: All dimensions are in millimeters [inches] and are for reference purposes only.

All specifications may be changed without notice. Figure M12 Lens Configuration Do not pour the cleaner directly onto the vision system housing. This manual is also suitable for:.


In-Sight Key Generator



In-Sight Explorer 5.8.1


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