Whereas, some time ago it was rather breeding or quality of the gamefowl that almost always told the difference between winning and losing, now, the situation could be a different story. In the s when the American gamefowl, then called Texas by Filipinos, started coming in from the US, they were so dominating that they virtually wiped our native fighting chickens—the Bisaya or Tagalog, Balulang or Batangas, the Bolinaos and the rest—out from the face of the earth. A couple of decades later, the Negros breeders, most of whom were rich hacienderos and as such had access to expensive breeds from the US, took over and dominated the cocking scene. Who knows; if it was due to their having superior knowledge in gamefowl genetics or sheer advantage in bloodline and chicken quality?

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Conditioning Pellets are formulated with a higher crude protein 20 to 22 percent , portified with higher calcium and other vitamins and minerals to raise the amounts to at least the minimum level needed by the gamefowls in the conditioning period. It is common that conditioning pellets come with Phytic Acid Neutralizer PAN to prevent the negative effect of phytic acid on muscle contraction.

Animal Proteins Animal proteins are supplemented to the gamefowls to raise the protein of the diet. Also adds vitamins and minerals available on the particular animal protein. You must give them some protein supplements because of their activities in the conditioning process. Tissues are destroyed and must be repaired again and make more. Creating more muscle and muscle density. In order to accomplish this you need to supplement them with animal proteins.

As animal protein have lots of amino acid essential on creating muscle tissues compared to the plant source counterpart. Eggwhite Creates a lean muscle as it is cholesterol and fat-free. But the main use of eggwhite is to add and balance moisture to the feed. It is because eggwhite ,may be high in crude protein but, contains only few amino acids. Eggwhite must be cooked or at least somehow treated with heat, this will resolve the anti nutrient problem on the egg-white, if given raw egg white is useless.

Eggyolk usually given to gamefowls not in the conditioning stage, or eaten by handlers :. Beef Beef has a higher crude protein than eggwhite and pork. And contains many amino acids, specially what the gamefowl needed comes the first few buckles Phosphagen System. Read more about Phosphagen System. Beef liver is best in the precon and conditioning while beef is best on the last few days before the fight.

Many use powder milk or fresh milk without knowing this but the thing is this milk gives the chickens moisture and this is the only benefit of their milk. You could ferment the fresh milk, to breakdown the lactose into simplier form and may be assimilated by the game fowl. Remember this is now a bit acidic unlike the raw milk, so remove other acidic supplement that you may be adding.

These could give rarely gastro intestinal discomfort until the chicken can tolerate it. Others If on tight budget, like the common farmers in the mountain that askeds us what to replace the beef, we advise to look for available protein sources like frogs, hornet or wasp larvae. With this simple addition to their feeds, they win significantly higher than their opponents on their humble competion tupada on the high lands :. Feed Processing Soaking Soaking the grains will eliminate the hazardous materials such as toxins and phytic acid.

Phytic acid will make the muscle contraction lesser resulting to a poor power and extension. And soaking will significantly decrease, if not eliminate, the phytic acid. Another great thing about soaking the grains, is the protein in the beans, peas, lupins, tapilans will be assimilated more than their dry counterpart. Regularly we soak it 7 to 12 hours, soaked at 7:am and drained and washed at pm, then soak new batch at pm and drained and washed at 7:am the next day.

And the activity of soaking continues. Fermenting Fermenting is soaking the grains for at least 48 hours with an effective organism, lactic acid bacteria solution or beneficial indiginous microorganism.

This will give beneficial organism to the gamefowls and will make the fibers more digestable. This is the best procedure for grains for feeding conditioned gamefowls. This will result to a healthier gamefowl and contributes greatly to a great performance. Germination Germinating the grains, the process is soaking the grains for 7 to 12 hours and transferred to a dark area in a draining container, covered with towel or newspaper and let to sprout for 24 to 36 hours.

This makes additional nutrients vitamins on the feed and make nutrients to be assimilated more by the chickens. This is the best feeding procedure for grains for feeding gamefowls except conditioned ones and chicks. Take note germination make the crude protein a bit less than the dry, soak and fermented counterpart. Cooking When soaking, fermenting and germinating is forgotten the grain could be cooked and let to be boiled for some time.

Gamefowls usually wont eat dry grains completely if used to the soak ones. And also the possibility of upsetting the digestion will be minimized. Beef and eggwhite should be cooked. Beef could be cooked rare and eggs should be hardboiled. Grits grits is very essential as they are the key to grinding the feed to be digested by the gamefowls. These grits are somehow like the teeth of the bird in the gizzard to grind the feed especially the grains and other hard stuffs.

We put a feeding cup filled with grits so the gamecocks can have them anytime they want to. The reason we put it in the cups is it will be removed it in the last 5 days of the keep. Supplements In addition to these supplements, in liquid or powder form are added to the feed to make more certain that what they eat will have enough nutrients.

This liquid or powder supplements comes with variety of vitamins and minerals and other additional components that is helpful for the gamefowls in training and fight day. Conditioning feed Conditioning feed- this is different from pointing feed. Mixing Procedure Rinse the soaked grains. If fermenting grains apropriately, you may not need to rinse the grains anymore. Drain the grains. Chop the eggwhite to pecksize Add the grains to the mixing bowl Add the beef, eggwhite, milk and other supplements Mix the components in the bowl Add the conditioning pellets last.

Mix again with all the ingredients added Grains protein and energy table Component.


Enhancing the Performance of the Gamefowls

Use all during the keep. You have up a show of 12 birds from which you must show eight. Which ones should you use? In this respect, I always think of the advice given me by Elmer Ehrhart of York, Pennsylvania, over thirty years ago.


Conditioning Feeds and Feeding


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