She is a beautiful young girl with long black hair tinted purple and large dark pink eyes, and a metal box with a lock at her collar, where a ribbon would normally go. She tells him that it eventually came into the possession of his grandfather. In the last pages of the chapter Huey learns that Dalian is the vase world, and inside her is contained the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian. Because of this, she generally considers herself of great importance and believes herself to be more knowledgeable than most humans, even going so far as to praise others in a presumptuous manner when they exhibit more wisdom than she anticipated.

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Edit A boy finds himself in a strange place where one could see nothing but thousands of books. He asks where he is.

A voice of an apparently young girl answers him. The girl in white dress is reading. She says the Library has no name. Dantalian is the owner of the Library.

A young man arrives where his grandfather used to live. He had inherited the old building. He tries to use a golden key to enter, but only has success with a ordinary one.

He starts to investigate the dusty property. It was particularly puzzling how the book shelves were empty. The young man finds a secret path behind one of the book shelves. He takes a lamp and descends a dark staircase. As the girl steps backwards, afraid of Hugh, she refers to his grandfather as Wes. The latter has left the mansion for Hugh, under the condition he takes over the Bibliotheca.

The girl says there is no such thing, not even a book giving a clue to its whereabouts. Hugh is speechless learning that she had read the entire collection of his bibliomaniac grandfather. She shares her feeling, saying Wes was a good man and that his death was unfortunate. The girl immediately kicks him, introducing herself as Dalian. Hugh notices an old lock hanging in front of her chest. Part 2 Edit Dalian is nibbling some bread in the kitchen. At first, she was against going upstairs, but she gave in after catching the scent of the bun Hugh had brought.

He reflects if his grandfather confined her to the basement. Dalian answers she was merely waiting. She asks for sugar to add to the bread.

While Hugh makes tea, showing unexpected skills, he reveals to be a pilot. No one else in the family would come to that mansion, since Wes was a bibliomaniac, rumored to own even cursed books. Dalian decided to accompany Hugh after hearing the name of the person who invited him.

Richardson appeared to be afraid of her. Dalian and Hugh whisper to each other. Dalian says he should find the proof, since there is a full moon that night. Richardson enters the building. Dalian also climbs out of the carriage. Hugh follows her inside the house and immediately notices the stench of blood and burning flesh. The entrance hall was devastated, with the bodies of the employees scattered on the floor.

It appeared like the work of a giant monster. Hugh passed Dalian to protect her, drawing a revolver from an inside pocket. They find the body of Richardson, with a throwing knife embedded in his head. Before a mysterious man can attack them with more knives, Hugh shoots him. The man turns to ashes. Dalian now is certain Conrad took a book from Wes. Part 4 Edit Hugh opens the gates of the Labyrinth Library. Some of them seems to have been trampled by an elephant.

Before reaching the northern tower, they are stopped by a tiger. The creature became ashes only after Hugh shoots four times.

She shows how there is ink among the remains of the tiger. The Phantom Book read by someone who is not worthy will perturb the world. It needs to be sealed inside the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian. Hugh and Dalian continue approaching the northern tower.

Along the way, they find a clown and circus animals, but there is no confrontation. While the dragon was looking for them, he tells Dalian to seal the book. He wants to stay behind, distracting the dragon. However, Dalian decides to acknowledge him. As requested, Hugh says the words inscribed on his golden key, sealing a pact.

He had opened the Labyrinth Library. As she opened the book, a sylph was summoned, repelling the second fire breath from the dragon. The creature was suffering, engulfed by its own flames.

He had his head bitten off as soon as he opened The Harlequinade. They find the Phantom Book on his desk. The Harlequinade was closed by Dalian and sealed, disappearing into the void on her chest.

Hugh notices a red gem embedded in the back of his right hand, representing the golden key that opens the gates of the Library. He remembers when he lost himself inside the Library and received the key from a girl. As a child, he promised to be her friend and get her out of there. Dalian is hungry.

She asks what Hugh will do now. Dalian decides to accompany him. They hold hands and leave the place together.


Dantalian no Shoka

However, there was one condition: he also had to inherit the "Bibliotheca". When he inspects the mansion, Huey discovers a cellar that is filled with piles of books. In the middle of these books he comes across a black-dressed girl who is silently reading a book. She is called Dalian and has a big lock hanging before her.


Chapter 4 (light novel 1)


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