Mikakasa Trivia About Blood Witch Swee Morgan is faced with a choice between the people she loves and the powerful and seemingly dark magick her father can teach her. I still think I know what the big twist is or will be. View all 3 comments. I thought it was great.

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Morgan is an ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life. However, her life becomes unsettled upon meeting Cal Blaire. During the party, Cal reveals his Wiccan origins by inviting his peers to join him in a circle to celebrate Mabon, one of the Wiccan Sabbaths.

Feelings of discomfort and surprise cause many of the guests to leave, but Bree and Morgan decide to stay for the circle. Later, as the Samhain gathering comes to a close, Cal and his friends form a coven called Cirrus. During this circle, Morgan discovers that she is a "blood witch": a person who is naturally born with magical powers. The Coven, Volume 2[ edit ] Upon learning that she is a blood witch, Morgan concludes that her parents are blood witches and confronts them.

However, after her parents deny being witches, this leads Morgan to find out that she was adopted. She runs out of the house in a fierce rage finding comfort with Cal. Cal tells Morgan they were meant to be together. He says he loves her, the rift between Morgan and Bree grows, and Morgan goes on a quest to find her origins.

Morgan, in the end, meets Sky along with Hunter Niall. Morgan immediately feels extremely wary around Hunter and Sky upon meeting them. While glimpsing the thousands of books that mark the walls, Morgan becomes taken over by a sensation. Unconsciously, she pulls out a book with no title. Amidst her overwhelming emotions, Cal and his mother, Selene Belltower, enter, perplexed about how she was able to enter the secret room.

At first feeling guilty, but seeing the Book of Shadows is rightfully hers, Morgan confidently opposes Selene, and without any conflict Selene gives the book to Morgan. Morgan returns home. Tensions rise and things start to become unclear as little bits and pieces of information arise.

Cal and Hunter break into an argument which ends up becoming a chase. Hunter announces his reason for being there which is to fulfill his duty as Seeker. Cal runs into the woods with Hunter following behind and Morgan following. Hunter and Cal then fight, resulting to the event of Hunter placing a braigh - a spelled chain meant to hurt witches - on Cal so that he is helpless.

Cal begs Morgan to save him, so Morgan throws the athame that Cal gave her for her birthday at Hunter, sending him over the edge of the cliff and into the river. Dark Magick, Volume 4[ edit ] Cal then by "solving" the problem sets the place Morgan is inside on fire. Morgan is trapped and willed to face the same death of her mother.

Now Morgan must attempt to get on with her life. Morgan begins to study with Hunter, and slowly begins to realize her feelings for him. But dark magick seems to be surrounding them and someone close is to blame. Hunter and Morgan slowly start to get closer throughout the book.

Morgan does everything she can to try and prove it was not him, but in the end, Hunter is right. Spellbound, Volume 6[ edit ] Kithic and Cirrus merge and Morgan becomes aware of her feelings for Hunter. The two later find out that the severed brake lines and the sawed posts were the workings of Cal when he admits it upon their meeting at the old Methodist cemetery.

Hunter and Cal at the cemetery prepare to fight when Morgan binds them with a spell. While her guard is down, Hunter attempts to put the braigh around her wrists, but she is automatically enveloped by the darkness within her, causing the braigh to corrode. Just when all seems lost, the darkness exits her body, and the physical strain kills Selene. They leave the house, along with Mary K. Morgan is undecided as to her feelings for Hunter.

The Calling, Volume 7[ edit ] Morgan has a dream about a ritual sacrifice. The Witches Council thinks that it is a vision of the future. They suspect that it is a vision of an illegal sacrifice by a Woodbane coven, Amyranth, to obtain power. The council sends Hunter to New York, the place where the coven is suspected to operate, to investigate.

Morgan goes with Hunter; however, she also wishes to discover more about her birth parents, something which can only be done in New York. Robbie, Sky and Raven come along for the ride. It is then believed that Killian is the target of the Amyranth sacrifice.

Ciaran meets Morgan in a shop about witchcraft, and he decides to sacrifice her. He sets a trap for her to steal her powers, but when he finds out Morgan is his daughter he helps Hunter to stop the ritual before it is too late. Although her mother has renounced evil, her father is "the Wiccan version of Hitler. The council of witches sends Eoife, an elderly witch, to Morgan to ask her for her assistance for the rescue of the Starlocket coven, which the International Council of Witches thinks the mysterious dark wave will strike next.

She feels apprehensive and hesitant about facing Ciaran, but at the same time, has a strange urge to hug him since she has finally found her true father. She refuses to hug the same man that killed her mother Maeve Riordan and Angus, her lover, however.

Near the end of the book, she shape shifts into a wolf, with Ciaran, and learns his true name, which can control him. Morgan is faced with a choice between the people she loves and the powerful and seemingly dark magick her father can teach her. Strife, Volume 9[ edit ] Morgan gets back together with Hunter, and during a family dinner with Hunter, Mary K finally finds out the truth about what Selene had done to her, and how Selene and Cal died. Books begin flying and light bulbs explode, and no one seems to know the cause - thus attributing the blame to Morgan.

She is grounded because of it, meaning she cannot go to a circle. At the end, Sky leaves. Hunter was in a search for his parents who have been missing since Hunter was a child. Hunter receives information about the whereabouts of his parents, which inevitably lead him to Canada. There he finds his father, Daniel Niall, and discovers that his mother died just before Yule, when he was training Morgan. Hunter must attempt to stop his father from doing this, while investigating a witch by the name of Justine Courceau, a witch collecting the true names of other witches, on the order of the International Council of Witches.

He ends up kissing her, and then is faced with the fact that he has to tell Morgan about it. Rose MacEwan is a Woodbane ancestor of Morgan and is the first person to have created a Dark Wave a powerful piece of dark magick which can destroy entire covens. Eclipse, Volume 12[ edit ] This book switches perspectives between Morgan and Alisa Soto, who discovers that she is a half-witch with significant power.

Morgan, Hunter, Daniel Niall and Alisa join forces to combat a Dark Wave which is heading for them and will destroy themselves and their friends and families.

Daniel discovers a way to counteract the dark wave, however any full witch would die in the process. Alisa soon discovers that her half-witch abilities may be the key to defeating the Dark Wave and saving everyone who she knows. After another heated confrontation with her father, Alisa runs away to Gloucester to meet her Uncle Sam. She finds out the family have been plagued by mysterious mishaps that had been attributed to a curse her great-great-great-great grandmother placed on the family having lost her mind.

Morgan begins sleep-walking in life-threatening situations and begins having visions of Cal, who is dead, trying to save her. Meanwhile Hunter is faced with a decision of whether or not he wants to work for International Witches Council anymore. The two soon find themselves battling an enemy they thought was dead. The story ends with Morgan boarding a plane to Scotland to join a Wiccan school. Hunter gives her a silver Claddagh ring, as a symbol of his love and devotion to her.

Morgan is now thirty-seven years old. Morgan has otherwise lived in peace working as a healer for the New Charter, and preparing to become the High Priestess of the reformed coven of Belwicket. Morgan has a child, Moira whom she believes is Colm Byrne, her husband and her child, but in reality is not. Upon the actions of another coven, Ealltuinn, Morgan begins to realize that there are dark forces once again being built against her.

As Morgan discovers that Hunter is still alive, she sets out to find him. She rescues him by fighting yet another Dark Wave.

She is introduced to Wicca when Cal Blaire comes to her school as a senior. The two develop an emotional relationship which only grows stronger during The Coven, in which Morgan discovers her heritage, powers, and family origins.

They remain enemies until their friendship is rekindled in Awakening. Not fully understanding the situation Morgan almost kills Hunter while trying to protect Cal. Morgan fears this and refuses him. Cal fully realizing his feelings for he tries to save her by killing her. Morgan escapes death thanks to Hunter, Bree, and Robbie another friend. Morgan later falls in love with Hunter and later finds out he is her muirn beatha dan, it is the Wiccan term for soul mate.

From there onwards, Morgan uncovers more family secrets, allies, foes, and the full extent of her hereditary powers. Her birth mother had pyrokinetic powers, and Morgan inherited them from her. Pyrokinesis is a rare ability among blood witches. She can also shape-shift, another rare ability inherited from her birth father. By the fourteenth book, she overcomes the darkness, allowing her and Hunter to be together.

By this book, Morgan is 37 and a widow of Colm Byrne, a witch in her coven, Belwicket. She loves him, but not as much as she loved Hunter. Morgan, Sky, and Moira set off to find Hunter on an island.

Then a dark wave comes which they fight off. She says yes. Cal Blaire[ edit ] Cal, or Calhoun is a fairly main character for some of the books.



New Orleans is one of the most interesting American cities, and it has an incredibly rich and exotic culture that had a profound influence on me. Kids in other cities have lemonade stands; we sold voodoo gris-gris and made wax dolls in the likenesses of our enemies. I went to school in New York, and after school went back to New Orleans. Then I went back to New York Manhattan and got a job in publishing and started writing.


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Nov 11, Pages Young Adult Buy. It is with loves intent that such horror is unleashed upon Morgan. I felt myself torn. But now I gotta go, I have to read Book 5! Dark Magick Das boots Who puts spells on morgans house? Inspired by Your Browsing History.


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