Hence, dharma holds one from falling down or falling to hell. Therefore, it takes the meaning of "what is established or firm", and hence "law". It is derived from an older Vedic Sanskrit n-stem dharman-, with a literal meaning of "bearer, supporter", in a religious sense conceived as an aspect of Rta. Figuratively, it means "sustainer" and "supporter" of deities.

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People are disturbed by shattered hopes. Being aware of the possibility that hopes may be shattered will help to pacify them. You can enjoy a stress - free life if you can comprehend the follies of happiness and sorrow.

Attachment and hatred are follies of a selfish mind. Life is not an answer but an inconclusive exploration. There is boundless discipline in a pure mind. Therefore it will cause no harm to oneself or others. Clearly identify and distinguish between your needs and the needs of the mind. In reality, there is nothing that you need. If the earth possessed a mind, what would it think?

In this world, there are many that create needs but very few that fulfill them. Wild creatures are trapped by snares set by others. Man is trapped by snares set by himself. People appreciate a tree only when it is in bloom. When you are in bloom the whole world will appreciate you. Desire is not a waterfall. But is a volcano. Those that seek serenity through desire, burn till eternity.

No amount of water can douse the fire kindled within you. However, truth can douse it. Success is in the mind and not in the body. You can lie to the ear. But you cannot lie to the heart.

I will try not to utter a single word to you. You must correct everything you have heard previously. Who is a fool? It is the man who seeks more comforts instead of enjoying the comforts at hand.

Just as people conceal the wrong side of their cloths and reveal only the correct side to the world, they conceal their sorrow and reveal only their happiness Love never wishes suffering for anyone. Words written on a paper are not as beautiful as the white paper itself. Similarly thoughts that arise in the mind are not as beautiful as the mind itself. A so called intelligent man confines himself to a country. The less intelligent birds fly all over the world.

Our rights are merely a mental disorder. The speed of the human mind is far greater than any other living creature. Therefore he can reach heaven or hell with great speed.

It is the quality of a mere mortal to both err and punish. Forgiveness helps create a resolve to never repeat the mistake in the mind of the wrong - doer. Those that live under the coloniser called desire will remain its salves, forever.

Desire is the most cruel ruler in this world There is nothing called happiness in this world it is merely a reduction in suffering. Is hatred religion or religion hatred? Do you harbour hatred because of religion or are you religious because of your hatred? If you are religious, it is not suitable to harbour hatred.

A dana is not a meal or article but an intention. A person with intelligence shines, over a person adorned with jewellery. All religions are there to create a good heart. But those who fill their hearts with anger in the name of religion are considered as men without any religion We cannot stop the sun setting. But we can stop ourselves from setting. If the flowing of the mind is stopped, there will be an overflow. Hence we should understand the mind. Values of the world are valueless in the light of Nirvana.

First become a donor of good then you will also become the recipient. Never yearn for happiness in life as sorrow too occurs proportionately to happiness. No one likes to face obstacles and boundaries in life. One should however, realise the importance of boundaries around danger zones. We must strive to realize with all our intelligence that desire and hatred are the root cause of suffering. The uncontrollable desires in man destroy the life as a worm inside a coconut.

Hence we have to be constantly awake. What man constructs over thousands of years, nature demolishes within a second. There is no ownership without loss. Love is as distant as your dreams. Only those devoid of defilements are capable of true love. The riding drunken mahout is an encumbrance to the elephant.

It is the nature of the traveller to avoid the difficult path and use the one that he can easily take. Achievement of your aim in life is a benefit not only to you but to the whole world. If you are truly awake, problems will not pose a threat to you. Without winning over the world, allow the world to win. You can be a strength without being a challenge to the world. If every human being is an actor, their audience is the sun and the moon.

In very rare instances people like the sun and the moon are born amongst us. Blessed are those who give gifts to others but only expect happiness in return.

Do not indulge in self-aggrandizement. Instead, conduct yourself in a manner that elicits praise of others. Wisdom adorns the life of the wise like jewellery. Associating the wise helps you gain wisdom. Why do we use an invaluable life to quarrel over valueless material goods?

It is because of our folly. Confidence and suspicion will become a dream. Only action will remain, real. Keep your mind cool. Ease the tension in the heart.

Then you will feel that you are really alive. You should dream, but always remember that they are only dreams. After all then you will not feel any suffering and pain in life. Although there is no shelter to cover the head there should be a shelter to the mind.

The shelter to the mind is pure thoughts. Man should have the ability to be kind to a friend and at the same time oppose his enemy with compassion. Man finds happiness in his thoughts. Hence he should nourish his thoughts. The foolish have much to do to escape poverty. The wise have much to do to serve the world. Love unites. Desire for love separates. He that is enslaved by the mind, is consumed by greed, love and hatred. He even reveres these.

You should love something within the person and not the person. Although man may derive great happiness from looking at a flower, the flower itself only needs water and fertilizer.


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November 20, at PM I have no trust in these "popular" Buddhist priests. These TV priests are entangled in politics and other worldly things. After some time even without their knowledge they end up with a huge ego, bigger than the lay people these priests preach over. Even Balangoda Ananda Mayithriya thero talked nonsense towards then end.


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