Akikree One hopes that all of this tough work will lead to patient recovery, but this happy conclusion is far from certain. Early water transportation also had something to bfnson with it. Try not to use tires except to start another fire. Zantac, for example, was once available only by prescription in spite of the fact that it is a benign drug that no one abuses.

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How To Come the apocalypse, who will fill your prescriptions? Ragnar Benson lives on nine acres in southern Idaho with his pet skunks and his wife and plus guns of varying caliber. Benson is what you and I would call a survivalist, and what Benson prefers to call a preparedness type of person. Benson is more prepared than other preparedness types, for he has thought through what many others have not: things like, What if the hydrogen generator explodes in my face?

What if I need a root canal? How do recluses in backwoods Idaho procure such an item? They shop the Internet. Benson has no medical degree. His expertise comes from his youth, which was spent on a farm in Indiana. Do-it-yourself medicine is a crude, catch-as-catch-can art. Benson describes an encounter with a man in Africa whose eyes he had treated, and who kept taking off the bandages and reinfecting his eyes. He is not easily pinned down on this. Benson knows a fair amount about medicine, but mostly he knows about procuring medical supplies without prescriptions.

For those without access to veterinary supply stores, he details several alternatives: flying on the cheap to Puerto Rico or Mexico, where pharmacies sell drugs to non-doctors, or ordering by mail from overseas druggists in similarly lax places like Jakarta or Bangkok. When it comes to putting medical supplies to use, Benson is less copiously informed.

He advocates practicing stitches and injections on oranges and general anesthesia on livestock or pets. He explained that the critter in question was a beloved pet skunk that he was de-scenting. What of the hapless Ted Kaczynski-type loner? Can you sew up your own letter-bomb mishaps, debride your own hydrogen burns?

Benson says yes. I asked Benson what exactly preparedness types are preparing for. I want to stick my thumb in the eye of the government.


Do-It-Yourself Medicine


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