Shelves: not-for-me First things first, the author has this listed at her site as being released in , which is false. The paperback printed version of this was released in , as across the sky and other poems, however, did not contain many of the new poems added to this edition which was released in Which is what I am reviewing, in , for the first time she released the audio version with this new version. Is this important, not really, but to me it is. I thought as she aged and grew, her skills would grow and this would die off. In truth I hated this release the most.

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Lost my concentration somewhere near the beginning, thanks to a chocolate bar and my sister practising a Panic! Emilie Autumn reading her own poetry. To ask other readers questions about Your Sugar Sits Untouchedplease sign ypur. I am glad I did not order the audio book for her novel, which fans still await as she is only now recording and editing it, two years after people autumm for the product that does not exist.

A few of them are rather so-so, or feel kind of immature the older ones, likelybut like I said, this is totally subjective to the reader, so you may feel otherwise.

Although she has done very well acting in the devils carnival movies so applause to her for finding another strength. I would recommend her instrumental recordings but not her books sadly. The untoyched can get choppier than they probably need to be, but that is sugae biggest complaint from the more modern poetry. I feel just as stupid untouchdd these people for buying this bland and lifeless poetry record. Apr 07, Alan D. Poetry is an outlet for most people — simpler than a story, and with a certain lack of rules that take out the frustration of writing.

It felt more real, more full and the complete opposite to this type of work she has tried. There have been poets younger who have written masterpieces. Is this important, not really, but to me it is. They were weak and boring a lot of times—But she was a teenager when she put these words on paper so Plague Rats, and those who need some good poetry time.

There is only one poem out of the whole list I liked, one, and that was barely. There I bought this on iTunes and I untouchfd been cringing since. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Nov 12, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: She tries to recreate the language used during these time periods but is unfortunately unsuccessful. View all 5 comments. However, even the ones I thought were truly bad had some shining moments. Oh chocolate, thy shalt save the world in times of need and desperation, when thy force thyself to spend the night listening to poetry that may be of use if thy have to set up a tragical play with only 10 euros.

I wanted to love it but hated it. I just like to discover works by people I know nothing of. Reading all those poems were like reading lyrics to Emilie Autumn songs. The fact that Emilie wrote it when she was a teenager made me appreciate it more. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Related Posts


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