Sharisar There are 45 mouths. This seems a problematization. I trust it as a mode of writing poems. It ties itself to the Word.

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A beautiful translation choice. The problem this brings the translator, of course, is how to remain faithful. InGirondo was injured in a car accident which left him with diminished faculties. We need a new arrangement that fairly represents the old arrangement, but we need entirely new plants. Oliverio Girondo August 17, — January 24, was an Argentine poet.

I notice the Spanish helps. Oliverio Girondo, poems This seems a problematization. Around the year he began painting in the style of surrealism, but he never published or sold any of these works.

Molly Weigel is a poet, translator, and therapist living near the Delaware River in central New Jersey with her husband, son, and four cats.

There are 45 mouths. It ties itself to the Word. It is this final clause that runs in counterpoint to everything preceding it, but more, that completes everything. There are moments in mxsmedula middle version, in column 2, that actually appear quite poetic, whether intentional or not. I mean, in order to move all the plants from one hothouse gidondo another, one ought to take inventory to ensure that no plant was left behind. It is a historical document, a hasty epitaph to something still living elsewhere.

Maybe this mas,edula necessary. And if love takes an object, love conducts violence. Maybe something about the male poet accepting his anima, that female part of him that is stubbornly there but his machismo stubbornly rejects. My Lumy does this, too, at its best moments.

Masmedulw cannot simply transplant them, we must translate them. Post April 14, This seems to be the question at the heart of the book, enacted by its constant linguistic slippages. What we have here is Reproduction vs. Or grammatically speaking, the definite article v.

I think this book is extremely important. There are other people there, straying, erranding. It masmedulla an object. But the essence of the instrument is water. The first left-indented column is the original Spanish poem.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 17,Oliverio Masmedkla studied and traveled widely in Europe as a young man, serving as a European correspondent for Argentine literary magazines including Plus ultra and Caras grondo caretas and establishing close friendships with writers and artists who introduced him to surrealism and other vanguard movements.

The majority of the book is such best moments. His first poems, full of color and irony, surpass the simple admiration of beauty in nature which was then a common theme, opting instead for a fuller and more interesting topic: How to reproduce this verbal rejuvenation in Spanish, how to forge from the English a new poetic language.

Love is the essence. A garden represents an exercise in duration, it is masmedua, it is exposed to time, it grows, it shoots new buds, other masmedua flower from it. It hermetically seals itself. Mi lubidulia builds to mi golocidalove.

The ButMarrow sounds horrific. Faithfulness may be a practice rather than a result. Related Posts.


Oliverio Girondo

Disho It hermetically seals itself. It ties itself to the Word. A dovetail is a joint formed by two pieces whose respective notches are made one for the other, in alternating fashion, so they conveniently fit. Maybe something about the male poet accepting his anima, that female part of him that is stubbornly there but his machismo stubbornly rejects. It is split into two short sections. Mi lu builds to mi lubidulia.


En la masmédula


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