The journal publishes original, peer reviewed papers on the archaeology, prehistory, and ethno history of Belize. Papers may also treat more general theoretical and methodological issues with relevance to Maya archaeology. Tables and illustrations should be limited to those that are appropriate and necessary. Morris et al. Chase and Arlen F.

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They hope that by eradicating these tell-tale pictures and symbols that they will be harder to spot as mafiosi. However, police say that the removal will actually make it easier to identify them as the smudges and marks left by the de-tattooing process makes it easier for them to be picked out in a crowd. Apparently, criminals posing as journalists have been using the passes to create confusion and even commit crimes.

Altogether almost 1, press cards have been cancelled. The renewals, when they are ready, will need the personal signature of the boss. Police say that more than a million new vehicles are registered in the metropolis every year and that the average speed for travelling on the congested roads is still dropping annually. Pattaya may hold a similar day later, but will urge the use of pedal bikes. A Russian dressed only in shorts entered a branch in South Pattaya and showed his penis to the alarmed workers.

He then calmly walked out of the store without having bought anything. The CCTV footage suggests he was confused, or worse, at the time or may even have had mental problems. Nonetheless, he has been charged with sexual harassment. Good job he did not display himself in a club or he might have been accused of working without a permit.

Chonburi Immigration organized a conference at the Tropicana Hotel to publicize the negative effects of human trafficking and gang-organized crimes which reflect on the image of Pattaya. Motorbike taxi drivers, bus operators and restaurant owners at the meeting were urged to cooperate with police to help reduce tourist-related crimes.

Na Jomtien has smelly problem The National Environmental Board has been collecting specimens from the sea in the Na Jomtien area after the sea turned black and green in a few areas, accompanied by the stench of rotting animal flesh. One suggestion was that the cause was plankton boom phenomenon; samples have been sent to Burapha University for analysis. Ladyboy sets the tone A woman sleeping alone in her room in a laundry was awakened by the sound of someone stealing her two Nokia phones.

She followed the thief to Soi 12, Pattaya, where her shouts for help attracted the police. A Thai man screamed for assistance after he was handcuffed and muffled with a t-shirt over his head before being bundled into a car where he was robbed of jewelry worth 5, baht. Worapol Mayer, 32, said he was drinking with friends when several strangers approached and kidnapped him; his drinking companions had not lifted a finger to help him.

The victim had to make his own way home after being dumped on Sukhumvit Road. He added that he had worked as a photographer for many years and had no enemies. Painter electrocuted Motorbike taxi driver killed Sawangboriboon volunteers were called to a vacant building in Banglamung when a decorator was accidentally electrocuted. Pairat Suwankod, 32, was said to be in serious condition at Banglamung Hospital after his paintbrush accidentally touched a live wire.

In another accident on Sukhumvit Road near South Pattaya Road, year-old Manut Chuermuangoan was killed when his motorbike taxi struck a car. Witnesses said that the victim was on the wrong side of the road when he made a turn at the intersection. The naked American Police rushed to another Pattaya convenience store after reports that a naked American had taken a woman hostage and held her against her will for a short period.

The abducted woman said she was on her way home and stopped to ask the guy if he needed assistance. Well now he needs legal and financial help as he has been charged with assault and attempted kidnapping. In the company of police later, the Finn then became calm and said he could now remember the name of his hotel. He was escorted there, but staff were advised to take note of how many layers of clothing he was wearing the next time he wanted to venture outside. English teacher scam Although Thailand faces a chronic lack of teachers of English in the run up to the ASEAN Economic Community at the end of , there is little sign yet of a serious attempt to recruit the numbers required.

One problem, say police, is that some foreign teacher applicants have fake documents and fraudulent degree certificates. Up to 20 cross-dressers a night are being apprehended, mostly on Walking Street, and hauled off to the main police station to have their ID checked against the list of known criminals.

They then walk back to Walking Street to resume Other groups being targeted are homeless foreigners, street clowns, flower sellers and other such dangerous persons. Fake visa stickers Following thefts from Thai embassies abroad, a few fake visa stickers have been turning up in Pattaya. But police say that most of the fakes will probably remain unused after the substantial publicity given to the matter in recent days.

The solution, of course, is to follow the example of India which insists that an embossed photo of the applicant is included on the visa sticker in your passport. But critics say that this would be using a hammer to crack a nut.

It kills six million each year. International Union of Health Promotion and Education IUHPE , sponsoring the conference, reported that the conference committee and more than 1, delegates from 81 countries strongly support the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand to have strong measures to protect Thai children and youth from tobacco addiction.

Increasing pictorial warnings from 55 to 85 percent is a fundamental measure to educate the public on the danger of tobacco use which multiplies the effectiveness of other tobacco control policies such as taxation and smoke-free environments.

They are afraid that other countries will follow which will lead to the decline of their sale. He explained that whilst tourist numbers had increased more than percent in the period , tourist revenue had risen only by a much more modest Clearly, he added, tourism in Thailand is concentrated on 10 major destinations, including Pattaya, Phuket and Hua Hin.

What is needed, he argued, is diversification to secondary provinces in order to drive spending. The prime minister had recently suggested that some islands could be developed to specialize in high-spending eco-tourists.

Thailand was urged to understand foreign markets. France was an example of a country which had integrated balanced tourist numbers and revenues. Paradej Payakwichien, former governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said that the Kingdom needs to know how to attract rich tourists from India and China; that, in turn, means tackling problems such as street crime and infrastructure. One way forward for Thailand is to concentrate on high-spending niche markets such as golfers, medical tourists, weddings and honeymooners.

Corporate conferences and exhibitions were another undeveloped area. The tourist court will then offer mediation, particularly in consumer affairs disputes, and the speed of any settlement depends on both parties cooperating. For example, in a Jet Ski civil dispute about the cost of repairs, the court would want to hear from both sides.

Where the matter is not resolved by the time the foreigner leaves Thailand, the court will let them know the result later.

If there is no agreement, the matter may be passed to the regular court for definitive judgment. Thus the recent case in which two Chinese citizens died after a speedboat accident, the driver in question will be tried in the regular court as before. Therefore, the new tourist court concept is not an overarching judicial body but will liaise on occasion with the traditional courts. Pattaya Today reporters, who have spoken at length to officials, agreed that the Pattaya tourist court structure is in its infancy.

But at the moment it is essentially an advisory service which will attempt to mediate an agreement between the tourist complainant and the alleged perpetrator. However, it is untrue that a way of bypassing the traditional courts has been introduced.

We are reprinting the full text of the official Tourist Protection Section regulations on page 7 of this issue of Pattaya Today. Also at the launch of the new Mitsubishi showroom, dealership and service center was Tanong Pittaya fourth from left former finance minister.

Nearly , baht was donated to construct the new building. For more information contact or email mantra-pattaya. Both contests generated interest from foreigners as well as Thais. Official Translation of Pattaya Tourist Court Regulations Tourist Protection Section The amount of Thai and foreign tourists traveling to different areas across the country has increased which results in the distribution of income in all economic sectors but causes more disputes.

Such disputes has arisen in consumer protection cases due to the consumption of goods or services and criminal cases which the tourist might be an injured person or a defendant. These cases are unique as most tourists stay in each place, which can be a scene of action, in short period of time. Therefore it is necessary to provide a special section, the Tourist Protection Section, in each court of justice located in major tourist attraction areas to implement such cases quickly and fairly.

Provide assistance in preparing the plaint or charge. Administer the appointment to bring the cases into mediation system within the next working day or as soon as possible and unremittingly continue such cases until consideredcompleted, also arrange the appointment for taking the evidence before suing.

Coordinate with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to inform the sued entrepreneurs to come to the court to negotiate and seek a solution to settle the dispute quickly.

Take responsibility for sending summons and copies of the plaints to the entrepreneurs including informing the appointed date or the court order by means of telephone, fax, email or other information technology.

Coordinate with translators or mediators who remain on duty overtime. Provide tourists assistance in authorizing government officers to continue the trial in case of the necessity of returning to their home countries. Report the case to the authorized government officers to inform the tourists including advising them when there is execution.

Cooperate or support other concerned or assigned organizations. Notification of Pattaya Provincial Court Re: Rule of practice governing proceedings in relation to tourist Whereas the office of the Court of Justice issues notification establishing Tourist Protection Section in Pattaya Provincial Court in order to facilitate tourist, Pattaya Provincial Court adopt the Rule of Practice governing civil and criminal proceedings as follows: 1.

Civil Proceedings 1. In the case where the tourist submit the plaint at any time out of the usual hour of office and no judge exercise his function at such time or acceptation of the plaint for trial in lieu of other court in the same province, an officer shall submit the plaint to the judge on the next working day or send the plaint to the Court of the territorial jurisdiction as the case may be as soon as possible.

If the parties have not appointed any person as mediator, an officer shall appoint the conciliator of the Court as mediator. In the case where the translator is needed in mediation process, an officer shall notify a representative of Ministry of Tourism and Sports to provide translator on the appointed date.

If the defendant appears on the appointed mediation date, the officer shall serve the summons and plaint to the defendant and mediate the parties. If the parties cannot bring about an agreement, an officer shall fix the date for a hearing or the date of settle the issues or the date of taking evidence, as the case may be, and notify the parties.

In this case, the court may examine the witness who is a tourist in advance. Criminal Proceedings 2. This is because, under new regulations, a visa extension can be granted only until the expiry date and is not transferable. Previously, you simply brought your new passport with the old one for updating to complete the full term. Now you would need to start afresh and provide new documentation and pay the fees on top.

Judge bans media In an unusual move, a Phuket judge has ordered the media not to report an ongoing murder case until it has been completed. This is because at least one press report is believed to have influenced witnesses before they give evidence in court. Although the judge did not mention it, another cause for concern in many criminal cases in Pattaya, too is that the delays between hearings are often so long that witnesses are at risk of being tampered during the interval.

Beach Road oddities Nobody seems to be sure why workmen are busy demolishing all the trees along the Jomtien sea front. What over-riding concern defeats the environmental considerations is something of a mystery. Also, along Pattaya beach front, the road widening has proceeded at a great pace and nears completion. Inevitable delay announced Following the news that a new tourist assistance centre is to be opened on Beach Road, together with a new multi-purpose police station staffed by the various sections, the inevitable anti-climax was quick to follow.

It now appears that the 3.


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The wines served were from the prestigious wine company of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. This famous estate is located in the village of Pauillac in the Haut-Medoc district, 50 km northwest of the city of Bordeaux, France. To accompany these stellar wines, the executive chef, Walter Thenisch, had meticulously crafted a fivecourse culinary romp to perfectly complement the selected vintages. Representative and guest speaker from Baron Philippe de Rothschild was wine expert Alice Agnellet from their Tokyo office. Guests mingled in the reception area where we were served mouthwatering appetizers of foie gras with fresh figs paired with a delightful, chilled Mouton Cadet Rose. The premier course was a spring salad accompanied by shrimp and salmon rillettes, tuna crab-meat sandwich with pink ginger and roasted beetroot foam.


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