This intuitive system supports a broad portfolio of Olympus endoscopic devices used in electrosurgery to treat GI and Pulmonary disorders. The ESG electrosurgical generator is designed to be used for the following electrosurgical applications: Bipolar electrosurgical cutting and coagulation Monopolar electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, which requires a neutral electrode The ESG is equipped with several cutting and coagulation modes which are primarily designed for procedures in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. All device settings are completed via the touch screen located on the front panel and activation is enabled with the compatible double pedal footswitch. An intuitive touch screen provides ease of use to set up physician specific settings along with making adjustments when required for a more effective procedure.

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Compact and easy-to-use HF generator The ESG is compact and easy-to-use, making it suitable to support all electrosurgical procedures in flexible endoscopy. Monopolar and bipolar cutting applications A variety of monopolar and bipolar modes for cutting, ablation and coagulation support all electrosurgery procedures.

It enables cutting without initial delays for a high cutting performance. It measures the spark intensity in intervals of a few milliseconds when cutting tissue, allowing reduced leakage currents, reproducible tissue effects and enhanced protection of EndoTherapy instruments. Leakage Protection Sensor LPS This feature permanently measures the leakage current to earth and automatically controls the high frequency leakage current through the patient, offering the highest safety to the user and reducing the risk of unintended current to the patient.

Contact Quality Monitor CQM for maximal safety CQM analyses and continuously displays the contact resistance of the neutral electrode split type , ensuring a safe application and minimising the risk of thermal injuries to the patient. Automated power setting in cutting modes for safety Based on the Fast Spark Monitor FSM technology, no manual output power setting is necessary. This ensures maximal safety to the patient, allowing endoscopists to focus on the procedure with optimised settings.

The foot pedal of the generator can also be used to activate the pump. High frequency.


New ESG-150 Electrosurgical Generator

Inspiring trust and confidence Dedicated to the endoscopy department The ESG generator has been created to perfectly complement the needs of gastroenterology and respiratory medicine. All key operating modes are present — along with special options like SmartArgon and the ability to save customised procedure programmes — placing it at the forefront of electro-surgical technology. Simplicity A simple, intuitive touch-screen interface means users can easily set up the system to their personal settings in just a few steps. The wireless footswitch provides operational freedom. Want to know more? Please contact our Endotherapy team for further information or to arrange a trial or demonstration of our new unit. The SmartArgon Mode, where the coagulation margin is independent of the distance between probe and tissue supports consistent and safe haemostasis with reduced carbonisation.


Electrosurgical Generator (ESG-100)


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