Objeto de la pericia o motivo del informe El motivo por el que se realiza el informe. En este punto se puede introducir un genograma familiar. Aunque se nos demande responder a un concepto legal ej. Formular preguntas sugestionables.

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Who were you with? All persons with ID who participated in the study or their legal guardians signed a consent for voluntary participation. However, to avoid putting them under too much pressure to make the tsstimonio believe their testimony, we chose an incentive that was not stressful-they would be invited for a soda if they succeeded in convincing the interviewer that they had, in fact, experienced the event.

All measurements, with the exception of lengthwere measured by counting the number of times each one occurred in the statements. Child Abuse and Neglect, 31 11 Two evaluators trained in credibility analysis procedures using content criteria evaluated 13 true statements and 16 false statements. The same instructions were given for all interviews conducted: To conduct this research, a real event was chosen that happened two years ago-a day trip taken by a group of persons with ID from the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation, during which the bus they were traveling in caught fire.

EK THA GADHA PDF The remaining measurements are defined as follows: Underlying processes behind false perspective production: Journal of Appplied Research in Intellectual disabilities, 16, Human communication research, 30 1 In future research studies, testimonies given by persons with more severe ID should be analyzed on the basis of these criteria because we understand that, the more severe psioclogica disability, the more difficult it is for the evaluacioj to narrate with sufficient detail, to situate an event in a context, and to reproduce conversations.

For example, changing a small detail of an actual event-even a very important detail, such as whether the role played in the event was witness or protagonistis not the same thing as fabricating the entire event Manzanero, Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation. The development of psicoloogica reality analysis.

Eyewitness testimony and perceived credibility of youth with mild intellectual disability. Police Studies, 17, Eyewitness testimony and time of day. Improving the understanding of why the cognitive interview credibbilidad. According to the original proposition, actual statements would contain more contextual and sensory information and show less allusion to cognitive processes and idiosyncratic information than fabricated statements.

There were no significant effects on the rest of the criteria. An audiovisual recording was made of all interviews. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 20, Investigative interviews of children: Journal of Experimental Psychology: The benefit of asking unanticipated questions. Psychology, Credibikidad Policy, and Law, 11 1 Psychology, Crime and Law, 11 1 When cluster A is considered equal to simulation and B equal to actual, the false statements were correctly classified in 16 cases In any case, false statements are never entirely fabricated but originate, in part, from information perceived from different sources that is re-elaborated to create a new statement.

Sexuality and Disability, 11, In any case, false statements, regardless of their origin, are never entirely fabricated but originate, in part, from various sources of information and are developed to create something new. Research on persons with ID would have to be expanded to include other types of statements, such as those arising from false memories or evaluaciln originating in the imagination. These results, however, are contrary to those found in the previous research mentioned in the introduction, which was conducted with developmentally normal persons Manzanero, et al.

Thirteen of the participants were actual victims, with a mean IQ of Conclusions As noted in the introduction, there is an abundance of literature that points out inconsistencies in the attributes differentiating true pdicologica from false statements, as well as the irrelevance of RM procedure criteria, on the whole, for distinguishing between true and false statements.

Experimental Aging Credibilirad, 31 2 Sexual abuse and exploitation of children and adults with mental retardation and other handicaps. Related Articles


¿Qué es un peritaje psicológico? ¿Cuándo lo necesito?

Christian Anker Ullrich, Psiclogo. Lorena Contreras Taibo, Psicloga. Catalina Duque Gonzlez, Abogado. Jennifer Miranda Miranda, Psicloga. Carolina Navarro Medel, Psicloga. Mara Paz Rutte Barrera, Psicloga.


La prueba pericial psicológica: Todo lo que no sabes y deberías conocer


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