The aircraft, buyer, and seller must all be identified within the agreement and information such as the registration number, serial number, manufacturer, and model must be disclosed. Is an Aircraft Bill of Sale Necessary? Yes, it is required by law to execute this agreement. It is a formality that can function as proof of sale and can be held on record for future reference. It must be prepared in duplicate, meaning that two copies of the form must be filled out and signed, making sure that the name of the purchaser is going to be the same as the applicant on the registration. Both of the original copies will go to the buyer who will then have to present one during registration and retain the other for their records the seller may make a photocopy for their records.

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Fees required for aircraft registration may be paid by check or money order made payable to the Treasury of the United States. An AC Form does not need to be notarized. Figure is a sample AC Form Figure Chain of Ownership If there is a break in the chain of ownership of the aircraft i. Replacement Certificate of Aircraft Registration AC Form may also be used to report a change of address by the aircraft owner. The FAA issues a revised certificate at no charge.

If the certificate is lost, destroyed, or mutilated, a replacement certificate may be obtained at the written request of the certificate holder. Send the request and fee to AFS The request should describe the aircraft by make, model, serial number, and registration number. If operation of the aircraft is necessary before receipt of the duplicate certificate, AFS may, if requested, send temporary authority by fax.

You should include your full address, fax number, and contact telephone number in your request. Aircraft Previously Registered in a Foreign Country If you are considering the purchase of an aircraft that is currently registered in a foreign country, you should be aware that multiple issues are involved with the registration process.

You should contact AFS for registration assistance. Make flight training easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable. Master all the checkride maneuvers. Learn the "stick and rudder" philosophy of flying. Prevent an airplane from accidentally stalling or spinning.

Land a plane quickly and enjoyably. Submit the white and green copies to AFS and keep the pink copy in the aircraft as temporary authority to operate the aircraft without registration. This temporary authority is valid until the date the applicant receives the AC Form , Certificate of Aircraft Registration, or until the date the FAA denies the application, but in no case for more than 90 days after the date of the application. Pink copy operation is valid only inside the United States.

Be sure to print your name below your signature or your application will be rejected. If by 90 days the FAA has neither issued the Certificate of Aircraft Registration nor denied the application, the FAA Aircraft Registry may issue a letter of extension that serves as authority to continue to operate the aircraft without registration.

The pink copy is valid for 90 days and is legal only in the United States. The registration of the aircraft is cancelled at the written request of the holder of the certificate. The aircraft is totally destroyed or scrapped. The holder of the certificate loses his or her U.

The ownership of the aircraft is transferred. Thirty days have elapsed since the death of the holder of the certificate. The U. It is valid only for flights within the United States by the manufacturer or dealer for flight testing or demonstration for sale. It should be removed by the dealer when the aircraft is sold.

CAUTION: AC Form serves as conclusive evidence of nationality but it is not a title and is not evidence of ownership in any proceeding in which ownership is at issue.

The FAA will not inspect your amateur-built aircraft before it has been registered or during construction of the aircraft. The FAA or a Designated Airworthiness Representative DAR in your geographical area inspects your amateur-built aircraft for general airworthiness only after you have made an application for an airworthiness certificate.

The FAA does not charge a fee to the public for inspecting amateur-built aircraft. However, FAA workload may delay inspection of your aircraft. Manufacturing DARs are listed by state in the first half of the directory, and Maintenance DARs are listed by state in the second half. Also see FAA Order Light-Sport Aircraft Registration If you purchased a newly manufactured light-sport aircraft that is to be certificated as: An experimental light-sport aircraft under 14 CFR, part 21, section State Registration Requirements Aircraft owners should remember that state registration of aircraft is required in many states.

You should check with your state government to ensure that you have met any applicable state registration requirements for your aircraft. Additional Information 14 CFR part 47 specifies the requirements for registering an aircraft.


Aircraft Bill of Sale Form






Aircraft Registration (Part Two)



Aircraft Bill of Sale – FAA Form 8050-2


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