Share on Tumblr There are many different huge events throughout history that have greatly impacted both society and culture. Instituted in , the Comic Code forbid many of the practices and styles that horror comics of the era, like EC comics, used in their art and stories. An entire genre essentially shriveled and died overnight. It was a moment of pearl-clutching and old age naivety from the elder statesman of the country.

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The book asserted that reading this material encouraged similar behavior in children. Wertham also claimed that Superman was both un-American and fascistic. Wertham critiqued the commercial environment of comic book publishing and retailing, objecting to air rifles and knives advertised alongside violent stories.

The first printing contained a bibliography listing the comic book publishers cited, but fears of lawsuits compelled the publisher to tear the bibliography page from any copies available, so copies with an intact bibliography are rare.

Early complete editions of Seduction of the Innocent often sell for high figures among book and comic book collectors. Consequently, Seduction of the Innocent serves as a culminating expression of his sentiments about comics and presents augmented examples and arguments, rather than wholly new material. Please help to improve this section by introducing more precise citations. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Seduction of the Innocent caught the attention of Senator Estes Kefauver.

Kefauver had a reputation as a mob hunter, and it was a known fact that the mob had strong connections with the distribution of comics and magazines. As a platform from where he could spread his message more efficientmy, Wertham appeared before the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency. In testimony before the committee, he made claims like how the comic-book industry was more dangerous for children than even Hitler ever was.

The hearing was also broadcast on television, which was quickly becoming a new mass medium, and made other media join in. The hearing was in April, and the same summer 15 publishers went out of business.

At EC Comics, Mad magazine was the only surviving title. Publishers then developed the self-censorship body the Comics Code Authority. Criticism[ edit ] According to a study by Carol L. Tilley, Wertham "manipulated, overstated, compromised, and fabricated evidence" in support of the contentions expressed in Seduction of the Innocent.

Relevant personal experience was sometimes left unmentioned. He failed to inform readers that a subject had been recently sodomized. Despite subjects specifically noting a preference for or the superior relevance of other comics, he gave greater weight to their reading Batman.

As late as , the law was invoked to prohibit the comic magazine Fantask —which featured translated versions of Marvel Comics stories — after seven issues. He stated, "These booklets, which contain a series of illustrations with accompanying text, are generally sensational in character, without any other value.

It is not possible to act against the printers, publishers or distributors of these novels, nor can anything be achieved by not making paper available to them, as the necessary paper is available on the free market".


Seduction of the Innocent

Biography[ change change source ] He was born on 20 March 20 in Munich. He and Sigmund Freud wrote letters to each other, and Wertham chose to study mainly psychiatry. He became a United States citizen in He became the director of a psychiatric clinic connected with the New York Court of General Sessions. All people who were convicted of serious crimes had a psychiatric examination there. The report from those examinations were used in court. Wertham said Fish was insane.

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Frederic Wertham

Ella Winter originally Wertheimer was a relative. He did not change his name legally to Fredric Wertham until He was very much influenced by Dr. Emil Kraepelin , a professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Munich, and worked briefly at the Kraepelin Clinic in Munich in Kraepelin emphasized the effects of environment and social background on psychological development.


Fredric Wertham


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