Greater Cane Rat popularly known as Grasscutter belongs to the rodent family and is very closely related to the porcupine, almost look alike except that porcupine is bigger. The spiny fur on the back and rounded nose distinguish Grasscutter from true rats. It reaches a length of about mm when fully matured. Grasscutter farming can make you at least N3million per year if you take it serious.

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Many people are switching to eating white meat hence this has led to an increased demand for grasscutters in the urban centers. The notable changing trend in eating habits and the low cost of farming grasscutters are enough reasons for you to jump ship.

What Is Grass Cutter? A grass cutter is a rodent of the rat family that can be found in the wild or as a domesticated animal. Like the squirrels, it has quite entertaining antics. For the population that still prefers the old-school ways of making purchases, farm houses are still available to cater for that option.

Mature grasscutters fight and even kill each other as their colonies are like family. Other possible feeds include; Vegetable kitchen waste Maize Grasscutter Feeding While grass can be directly fed, other feeds like sugarcane need to be cut into smaller pieces for easier consumption. Concentrates should be provided once in a while to add minerals. How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana You only need a little free space in your compound to put up grasscutter farming cages or a kitchen space to convert into a grasscutter pen.

For the cages, you need to use wire mesh on the sides as the rodents can chew up all other organic options. Grasscutter Farming Techniques Research has led to knowledge in the selection and improvement of stock for breeding. Innovations on feeding and shelters have boosted techniques for production. Grasscutter Farming Manual Having a manual on grasscutter farming and management gives one confidence as they start out and is a must have for anyone seeking to make profit out of this venture.

Snail vs Grasscutter Farming To start with, snail farming is gaining momentum fast in Ghana. Although easy, you need to pay close attention to the requirements of farming snails to succeed. On the other hand, grasscutter farming offers a better option of the two. The main requirements are getting the right food and shelter for the grasscutters and you will be good to go. The higher the input, the higher the income.

Otherwise, the demand for grasscutters is growing by the day hence making it a viable venture more Ghanaians should consider. To make your work easy and quickly learn what rearing grasscutters entail, be sure to find an appropriate grasscutter farming and management PDF and become a smart, modern farmer right in your home compound. Subscribe to watch new videos.


How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana

Bajin All the 50 respondents indicated that there is a secured market for grasscutter meat. Participants were selected from 8 towns and villages in the Brong Ahafo region with the help of extension agents of MOFA and GTZ by using purposive and random sampling Gallowayas explained below. The market for both fresh and smoked grasscutter meat is unlimited Kabir Equal number of males and females were interviewed Table 1. Our Target Groups — youth, unemployed, politicians, pensioners, single parents, students, workers, school dropouts and the elderly. Concentrates should be provided once in a while to add minerals. K Atta-Agyapong and Rita Weidinger. Many of the adopters of grasscutter farming were trasscutter compared to single individuals and divorcees.




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