Наименее трудоемкий процесс замены вас ждет при покупке лампы с модулем. Легко справляетесь с кропотливой работой? Смело выбирайте голую колбу без модуля. Наши инструкции на сайте помогут вам с монтажем новой лампы в старый проектор.

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There are 2 main factors determining how many ANSI lumens you need. Screen size and ambient light. The larger the screen and the more ambient light present, the higher the ANSI lumens required will be.

Other factors affecting required brightness include, Screen type and type of images displayed. For education uses in the UK there is a limit of Lumens. Are Hitachi projectors compatible with Apple Macintosh computers? Hitachi projectors are compatible with all Apple Macintosh computers for direct connection from the MAC computer to the projector. Some Macintosh computers may require an additional adapter.

This is how 3LCD technology works: white light is divided into red, green, and blue using two dichroic mirrors, special mirrors that transmit light with a certain wavelength. Each colour is then passed through a dedicated LCD, before being combined with the other colours in a prism. The image is then ready to be projected onto the screen. Each mirror corresponds to a pixel and projects an image by reflecting the light from the source.

Information taken from 3 LCD Website. What is an ANSI lumen? Lumen is the unit of measure for the light energy which flows in air. An ANSI lumen is a standardised measurement of the average light output of a projector measured at different areas of the screen.

What is the contrast ratio? This is the ratio between the lightest and darkest shades that a projector can display. What Can I connect my to my Hitachi projector? How long does a projector lamp last? On average in normal use over hours. Some projectors have an economy or whisper mode which can extend this time.


Hitachi CP-X308 Projector


IEEE 1101.2 PDF

Hitachi CP-X308 series Specification Sheet



Hitachi CP-X308 User's Manual And Operating Manual


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