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Are you looking for a small high-quality secondary notebook? The HP Compaq nc could attract you. This 12" subnotebook features a robust case, hoch-quality input devices and misses out an optical drive and therewith is even smaller and lighter. Case Some things get apparent relatively fast by handling the notebook. First of all the XGA Display not wide screen , which looks like undersized with its comparably broad frame. Secondly, the keyboard, which extends to the outer edge and promises good typing comfort.

Finally, the missing optical drive. The case seems high-quality and robust and has good haptics. The base unit seems to be out of very robust plastics or magnesium alloy. In the hand ball region, a coated plastic is used, similar as already known by its HP fellows.

The display cover is also out of magnesium. We could not observe any weaknesses of the nc during our reviews about stability of the case under pressure or regarding possible deflections. No matter where one presses or pulls, the notebook is absolutely inherently stable. This is partly also true for the very slim display. However, the more to the top, the bigger are the possible deflections.

Still, the display and the whole notebook at all is always free of creaking noises. Both hinges seem to be rather small, but they do not have any troubles with the small display. The display can be precisely positioned with adequate force and does not wobble or see-saw in any way. The transport hook is especially innovative. The interfaces are partly at the back side of the notebook, partly in the middle region on both sides. The order is in total alright. Regarding size, some keys needed be be dimensioned a little smaller than usual, however, the most important function keys enter, space bar, shift, Backspace and the number keys do not differ much from those of bigger notebooks.

The F-keys as well as some function keys Ins, Del, The layout is despite of the dense order alright. Even typing does not really feel different from big keyboards and can be well called comfortable. Only the travel might be a little short. The according keys could protrude the case a little more, which would ease their use even more. Touch pad Display Color Diagram Against the current trend, the Compaq nc is not equipped with a wide screen display. Instead, a matt x pixels XGA panel is used.

The display rated excellent during the review of its brightness and reached a maximum of The color diagram depicts a nearly ideal green and red color curve and a clear deviation of the blue color curve.

This leads as usual to warmer colors.


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HP NC4400 Sous Windows 7 - Ram 2 Go - 012902


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