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To set the 50g in RPN mode: 1. Press the [MODE] key. Your calculator is set. All of the keystrokes in the programs in this tutorial assume that you are using soft keys. To set the calculator for soft keys: 1. Press the [MODE] key 2. Flags are binary operators that dictates the various modes of the calculator. Note: There are user flags that you can set for programming purposes. Scroll up until you see "" on the left side.

Press [F3] until is checked. Then press [F6] OK twice. Programming Basics Brackets Programs are enclosed with "pointy" brackets. We can enclose programming instructions in many sets of brackets. How to Name Programs You can name a program almost any name you want.

Program names are enclosed in single quotes. You can simply access the Variables menu by press the [VAR] key. Variables most recently stored are listed first. Note that: 1. Variable names can be used to name not only programs, but real numbers, complex numbers, constants, graphic databases, matrices, vectors, lists, and even quotes.

The Variables menu will only show the first five characters. When a menu is showing this works with almost any soft menu , you can press [RS] [down arrow] to have the calculator list the full name of each of the commands shown in the current soft menu.

Variables must start with a letter and can be of any length. No spaces are allowed in variable names. The alphabetic characters are the yellow letters on the keys.

Lower case letters can be accessed by first pressing [LS] before the letter. You can access other characters as well by first pressing [RS] before the appropriate key. How to delete a Program: 1. Press [VAR] and find the program or variable you want to delete.

Press the appropriate soft key to recall the name. The program variable is deleted. Your First Program Finally! Now we get to the good stuff - programming! Programming is one of my favorite features of graphing calculators. The first program we are going to do is a simple one: find the area of a circle of a given radius. This program takes the radius from Level 1 of the stack and returns a numeric approximation of the area.

Following the keystrokes, any notes will be italicized.


HP 50g Graphing Calculator Manuals



Calculadora gráfica HP 50g Guías de usuario


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