The first chapter was published in the January issue of the literary magazine Hototogisu Cuckoo. It was subsequently published in a three volume form with Volume 1 appearing in October , Volume 2 in November , and Volume 3 in May The story is narrated by the cat of a Tokyo school teacher. The cat, who is never given a name, comments whimsically on the follies of his master, and on humanity in general, from his lofty position as the family cat. This critique of society looks especially at the sometimes difficult relationship between traditional Japanese customs and the western customs that have recently begun flooding into Japan.

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Contents [ show ] Appearance Natsume is a tall man seemingly in his fifties who always wears a bowler hat, a British-looking, long, brown suit with grey turtleneck shirt underneath, and brown gloves. He is always seen holding a cane. He also has a thin mustache and his hair color matches his fur when in cat form: a light chestnut strand of hair hides the right side of his face, the hair above his neck is white and the rest is dark brown.

His eyes are of a brownish-golden color. When in his cat form, Natsume looks like an average-sized calico cat, with patches of orange, dark brown and white fur and brown eyes. Personality Natsume is a highly charismatic man; it is assumed that he influenced Ougai Mori and Yukichi Fukuzawa and is even respected greatly by the two. By merely talking to him about a book, he was even able to convince Sakunosuke Oda , a Port Mafia member, to stop killing.

It is commonly said that Natsume is the strongest ability user, able to see through all kinds of things. Until the end of the Cannibalism events, his ability remains unknown to anyone; only then he reveals the nature of his power to Fukuzawa, Mori, and Katai by turning back into his human form. He made the creation of the Armed Detective Agency possible by helping Fukuzawa obtain the official permit to run an ability-based business. He is the mastermind behind the Tripartite Tactic, a framework aiming at preserving the balance and order of Yokohama.

Sometimes later, he retired.


I Am a Cat

In his mid-teens he switched to a private school for Chinese studies and, though upper-class tradition regarded literature as no more than a civilized diversion, he began to toy with the idea of adopting it as a working profession. The English department, founded in , had produced only one previous graduate, a student of the first year who became a customs inspector in Shanghai. He applied unsuccessfully for a post as a journalist with the English-language Japan Mail in Yokohama and taught for a time at Tokyo Normal College. There, by formal arrangement, he married Nakane Kyoko, the eldest daughter of the chief secretary of the House of Peers.


I Am a Cat-I


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