His inclination towards ghazal in the early years and then his works in the nazm format are equally mesmerising. Jigar Moradabadi was a poet unlike any. Honoured with a Sahitya Akademi award and an honorary D. Litt by Aligarh Muslim University, he remains one of the most celebrated poet whose Urdu ghazals and nazms are sung by countless ghazal singers.

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He lost his father at an early age and did not have an easy childhood. At school madrassah he was taught both Arabic and Persian. His poetry teacher ustad in the early days was Rasa Rampuri.

Still in his teens, Jigar, as he came to be known universally, moved to Gonda, near Lucknow. This proved to be a turning point in his life. Here, he befriended Asghar Gondvi, who later also emerged as a notable Urdu poet. He was his mentor, a father figure, an older brother, a teacher, a friend and a fellow poet, all rolled into one. He made Gonda his permanent home and Gonda acquired one of the most famous literary figures to have ever lived there.

Works Jigar Moradabadi belonged to the classical school of ghazal writing and was a mentor to Majrooh Sultanpuri, who became a prominent lyricist in the Indian film industry and penned many popular songs in Urdu and Hindi. He never received any formal higher education. No university could have taught him what he taught himself in his chosen field.

He is now regarded as one of the all-time great Urdu poets. Jigar was only the second poet in the history of Aligarh Muslim University to be awarded an honorary D. He is already being mentioned in the same breath as Iqbal and Ghalib. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the distinguished Urdu poet and academic, regarded Jigar Moradabadi as a master craftsman in his field.

A former student of Aligarh Muslim University, who often attended mushairas at which both Faiz and Jigar were participants, recalls that Jigar would steal the show with his rendition of his own ghazals and was the life and soul of the mushaira. Top Authors.


Jigar Moradabadi Shayari

Jigar was born in a family of poets and traditional religionists. Jigar was averse to too much of bookish learning. He was a Sunni Muslim and followed the traditions of Hanafi system. Jigar too carries all the various shades of beauty and love which are commonplace in Urdu poetry.


Jigar Muradabadi


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