The temperature deviation is 1 K at most. AC V min. Technical data Heating Technology There is an optical and acoustic alarm signal. The energy controller is energised via V mains supply voltage. Rated voltage V up to Temp. By pressing a single button, the controllers power output is displayed, allowing an evaluate of the heating circuits quality.

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Morr Page 5 of 5. A keema, UV-resistant jacket protects the braiding against humidity and offers additional protection against mechanical stress. Self-limiting, irradiated polymer heating element 3. In addition, it can kemaa used for the control signalling of too low or too high temperature or as an alarm contact. This characteristic is used for this type of resistance thermometers to get an image of the temperature.

If the temperature exceeds the limit value the limiter interrupts the heating circuit permanently from mains and a fault alarm signal is given. The voltage is supplied to the control device through an integrated power supply unit with wide-range voltage. BARTEC Documentations Once the temperature drops by 2 K below the switch-off point or after a fault has been remedied, the limiter can be re-activated by means of a re-set button on the device.

The controller is characterised by high cost effectiveness. Any significant change in design or construction may render this Certificate invalid. The device is used to regulate a logic output for solid state relays. A heater of similar dimensions and power output is available for use in safe areas. Thanks to the parallel design the heating tape can be cut and installed to any required length.

The monitoring electronics are available with or without locating. The heating cable and power cable strands are connected by of reliable springloaded terminals. This provides information on the condition and ageing status of the material that is being used.

Applications where Ex Certified equipment is required will in general be subject approval case by case based on documentation as required in the DNV GL Rules. The electrical connection is set up through terminal screws on the rear. Start display at page:. If the ambient temperature rises, the power output of the heating tape is reduced. The electrical connection is established with terminal screws operating on the screw cage clamp principle. If the temperature at the sensor bulb exceeds the pre-set value, terminals 1 and 2 are opened.

Magnesium oxide insulation MgO 3. The use of these heater plates guarantees a maximum degree of operational safety, as temperature fluctuations can be efficiently avoided kma, yet, the required minimum temperatures can be maintained. They register temperature, load and residual current and diverse control signals, e.

Junction box Ex, The end terminal consists of just one part, whereby the end of the heating tape is shortened and inserted into the terminal piece. The use of high-quality, corrosion-proof material guarantees the application of the systems even under extreme conditions as, for example, prevail in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry and waste incineration plants.

Protection class according to EN Cover gasket IP 65 The enclosures have the appropriate number of terminals and the necessary cable glands resp. EKL medium Heating cable, We also offer in-house training for your technical staff. Using the programming interface, the device parameters can be read out with a programming key and transmitted to other devices. AC 60 V Supply cable, cross section 2. Kwma the sensor temperature exceeds the set value, the contacts 1 and 2 remain continuously open.

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Tezragore Stainless steel System The individual inputs are assigned and configured either by means of the Atdx ProcessDesigner software or by the touch panel. Please insert correct code. AC 70 to V Contact loadability direct switching: Mounting plates and brackets in stainless steel After the preparation of the heating tape, insulation tubes are shrunk over the conductors and the twisted protective braiding and wire end sleeves are placed. The heating circuit end is also closed with shrinkable tubes.



The enclosure is prepared with threads for heating cable glands with size M The standard outer insulation jacket is made of polyolefin. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Technical data Heating Technology There is an optical and acoustic alarm signal. This provides information on the condition and ageing status of the material that is being used. All details about electrical explosion protection mentioned in this certificate are for information only.


Heat transfer is improved dramatically since the windings during the impregnation process. Technical data Heating Technology Port status, error, MC32 error TS The electrical connection is established with terminal screws operating on the screw cage clamp principle. The set serves to join two cold leads or to form two heating tape connections. System calibration is not necessary. Typical applications are switchgear and controlgear cabinets, instrument housings, analyser cases, glove boxes and other enclosures. If the tape will be damaged, it is not necessary to replace the whole tape. Fixing straps Connection cables Adhesive tapes For example the setpoint, analog output limits, heating currents, low alarm, and if desired, the kemq alarm must be set.


The bus status signals and alarms are also indicated by means of LEDs. The MC32 controller module accesses the various modules through keja system bus. A bimetallic switch integrated in the terminal block limits the surface temperature of the heater approx. This ensures that the location of the leakage can be found rapidly and countermeasures introduced immediately. Single-core mineral-insulated heating cable, laser welded, pre-assembled, Ex and M The RS interface allows easy integration into the process control technology. Technical data Heating Technology The end of the self-limiting heating tape is insulated with silicone glue and an end cap.

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