Swami Radha has translated the esoteric teachings of Kundalini into a practical guide for self-investigation. This classic yogic text is a resource for personal development, with the tools for discovering our true source of knowledge and inspiration. Using reflection exercises, meditations and breathing techniques, Swami Radha takes us step by step, chakra by chakra, through an exploration of consciousness. Who am I? What is the purpose of my life?

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She lived through both wars in Berlin but learned from her experiences that life can be cruel and came to question the existence of God. She married again in Albert Hellman was a composer and violinist, but he died after one year of marriage. She also lost both parents in the war. A search for the meaning of life through yoga and meditation took her to India to Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh.

His commitment to selfless service made a deep impression on her and Karma Yoga became a key practice in her own life and subsequently in the running of her Ashram.

She was initiated into sanyas and given the name Sivananda Radha Saraswati on 2 February In her publications she described extraordinary events that followed her initiation and involved meeting the legendary yogi Babaji, the deathless avatar described by Paramahansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi, and first encountered by Sivananda Radha in a visionary experience when in Montreal a year earlier.

However, she quickly attracted attention in her orange sari, with her unconventional life-style, and through her willingness to speak publicly about her experiences in India. Within a few months, she was offering yoga classes, had been interviewed on CBC radio, travelled to Ottawa to speak, and been sponsored by the Canadian-India Association to fly to Vancouver to lecture on Indian philosophy.

In , the Ashram moved to its present location and was renamed Yasodhara Ashram. Sivananda Radha also gave sanyas initiations to the young men who accompanied her and worked with her to establish the Ashram, beginning a new, Western based lineage, honouring the traditions of the Saraswati Order.

She lectured in many North American universities and, in , co-led a conference with Herbert Guenther at Yasodhara Ashram on the role of gurus in the West. In Minneapolis, she participated in biofeedback experiments with Dr. Jose Feola, exploring the nature of the effects of spiritual practices, and she contributed to Scientific Conferences, such as the Council Grove Conference in Kansas.

Sivananda Radha opened yoga centres [1] in North America, Mexico and England where classes and satsangs were offered by teachers trained at Yasodhara Ashram [2]. She died peacefully at her teaching centre in Spokane, in Washington State, in the early morning, 30 November She presented yoga as a philosophical and spiritual system in a way that accessible to anyone willing to make a commitment to their own development.

She welcomed students from all cultures and spiritual traditions and helped people discover the purpose of their lives. Her teachings integrate yoga practices with personal development. To me, people are not spiritual if this quality is not there in their lives - even if they meditate six hours a day. By quality I mean that which comes from deep inside and shows up in their actions, their treatment of others and the way they do their jobs. Teachers are required to renew their certification frequently and are encouraged to donate the proceeds from classes so that the Teachings can be offered as a form of Karma Yoga practice.

Legacy[ edit ] Sivananda Radha was among the prominent disciples of Sivananda who developed new organizations that are not affiliated to the original ashrams run by the Divine Life Society.

Radha established an independent and primarily female, Western lineage as part of the Saraswati Order. This is now led by Radhananda Saraswati, spiritual director of Yasodhara Ashram. She initiates aspirants and has oversight of the work of non-profit organizations supporting teachers in different countries.

Her books have been translated into 5 languages. Kennet, Radha, R.


Kundalini Yoga for the West: A Foundation for Character Building Courage and Awareness



Kundalini Yoga for the West



Sivananda Radha Saraswati


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