Out of the depths I have cried unto thee, O Lord. In a way, I was fortunate. We were the leaders of a large network of covens. These covens were designed to be rings. In our experience, this is the common practice. Once they came through to the high priesthood, they began to understand the mysteries of Lucifer.

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Out of the depths I have cried unto thee, O Lord. In a way, I was fortunate. We were the leaders of a large network of covens. These covens were designed to be rings. In our experience, this is the common practice. Once they came through to the high priesthood, they began to understand the mysteries of Lucifer.

The inner rings were involved with Thelema, the religion of Aleister Crowley. Among those innermost rings were select women who were consecrated, dedicated, willing even delighted to let me drink their blood. With enough women to choose from, no one woman would lose enough blood to become seriously threatened. They enjoyed the experience, and I was sustained.

Thus, I did not have to go outside our rings to prey upon women for their blood at first These inner-most rings lived in a world where things were seriously upside-down. Pleasure was pain, and pain was pleasure. Darkness was light, and good was evil.

What is Tinseltown trying to sell us? The lie of eternal youth and beauty has never been more seductive, and its cost has never been higher. I know, because I bought that lie hook, line, and fang. I learned the unimaginable price which has to be paid.

How did I come to a place where I was willing to forsake all that was normal in humanity for a taste of what I believed would be immortality? As we have seen, it was a gradual process of seduction, and I believed that I was putting together the pieces of an immense and highly secret cosmic jigsaw puzzle.

Naturally, the dark forces which manipulated me had no mercy upon me. From the beginning of the modest evil of Wicca and Spiritism, I had descended in a decade into a morass of bloody terror from which I doubted I could escape. Most of the time, I did not want to escape. Now I stood at a perilous crossroads, and I thirsted for blood.

The vampire cult for such it is was to be the last and most damnable step in my exploration of Satanism. I had been brought there by a man who had consecrated me a Gnostic bishop in the old Roman Catholic church, Syrio-Jacobite rite.

It was in this church that I eventually made contact with the powers which were to draw me deeper into the vampiric branch of the Brotherhood. A chief principle of both ancient and modern Gnostics was duality the absolute need for both good and evil. It would be that final missing line of apostolic authority I sought.

Thus, I needed to train and develop for that priesthood as well. I was assigned a mentor who taught me an incredibly twisted form of Christianity. The Johannine apostolate, though rooted in what is today called Freemasonry, supposedly led its devotees ultimately to the sacramental consumption of human blood and organs to sustain life forever. This was a vampire brotherhood concealed carefully within the ranks of the Latin and Orthodox priesthood down through the centuries, unknown to many of its own priests.

Why was much emphasis placed in that gospel upon the dead hearing the voice of Christ and rising from the tombs? What was the cryptic ending in which it seemed to say that John would live until the Second Advent? I eagerly allowed my body to be gradually transformed through injections of special herbs and drugs, thinking I was following in the footsteps of John the Beloved.

Gradually, my appetite for food began to diminish, and my sensitivity to sunlight increased markedly. Finally, on a special night I was permitted to drink blood from the veins of my mentor. I began to crave blood and could eat or drink little else. It is Catholic and Orthodox doctrine that the entire body of Jesus is contained in the host or wafer. Similarly, the entire blood of Jesus the blood of a year-old male adult, some nine pints is miraculously contained within the chalice of wine.

And it was real blood at least so we believed. Catholic priests were required by canon law to celebrate the liturgy every day, unless prevented by illness or some serious emergency. Thus, in the sacramental wine-turned-blood, we had a ready-made supply for our needs, without ever having to go out and attack people like fabled vampires of films.

The only reason for drinking blood from a living person was either for pleasure, or for initiation into the vampire cult. Within days, I found myself living almost exclusively off the elements of the communion rite, with more than an occasion use of the blood of my willing coven priestesses for variety.

Additionally, I was taught that the special geometries necessary to create a sacred altar-space coffin in which to periodically rest and restore my powers. I was taught other liturgies first and foremost the rite of St. John Chrysostom, used in most Orthodox churches. These rites were mirror images of the elaborate ceremonies of Orthodoxy and Catholicism, the only differences being that Dracula and other vampires such as the fabled Lammia, Vrykolak and Lilith were exalted rather than the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

These practices began to spread among our coveners in an ever-widening circle. For the most part, they were more popular among women than men perhaps because the men were intimidated at the prospect of losing their sexuality. Such was the voluptuous power of drinking and sharing blood.

It was essentially similar to the Orthodox liturgy, except for obvious differences. First, I would drink blood from her neck until she nearly fainted from loss of blood. Then, I would open up my own chest and the candidate would drink deeply from my blood.

The mass would then conclude with setting the sacramental liquor supposedly transubstantiated into the blood of Dracula himself aflame. It was believed that, after our deaths, both I and the women I initiated, would rise again as pure-bred Nosferatu.

We would be immortal beings who would live for centuries, no longer just the human hybrids who were half vampire and half human.

With the last woman we initiated, a frightening and extraordinary event occurred. There was nothing special about the liquor, it was from the same bottle we always used. However, the flames roared upwards at least three feet from the tip of the goblet! The room was filled with exotic, multicolored flames like nothing we had ever seen before.

I could barely finish the invocation. The heat and power in the room became oppressive, we were almost driven to our knees. The chalice began to melt from the intense heat. I could feel the power of Dracula pouring over me like hot, smoking blood.

The woman we were initiating felt it as well. She was thrilled with the unusual experience. I was shortly to learn just how unusual the entire episode would make my life. My normal sexual desire was entirely replaced with a fixation on blood. As mentioned, I lost all appetite for food, apart from daily communion. I spent much of my time during the day in our candlelit chapel, doing Catholic devotions. Being out in the sun for more than a few minutes resulted in painful burns, and blisters not previously the case but I developed incredibly good night vision.

I also got much stronger each time I consumed blood. However, I never got the ability to turn into a bat or travel like mist under doorways. I became increasingly fascinated with gory horror films of every kind, and would often haunt the darkened theaters for entire days, waiting for the sun to go behind a cloud so that I could go home.

It was an increasingly strange existence. I soon discovered that the communion wine was no longer doing what it was supposed to do. The craving for blood grew more and more real with each passing week. Sometimes I would celebrate Mass more than once a day, just to try and make it through. I knew our lives would be ruined if I gave in to these powerful lusts and was caught by the law. Finally, I almost went too far with one of the priestesses. Remarkably, she was enjoying it to no end, but I lost control and drank so much of her blood that she became unconscious.

She was so pale and still that I feared I had killed her. Fortunately, she came to and even claimed to have had a mystical experience during her black-out. She left the chapel weakened, without any real notion of what had happened.

I was becoming terrified! My midnight drives through Milwaukee on my newspaper job became increasingly torturous as I would see the occasional prostitute and literally have to fight back an animal urge to wait until she was alone and pull her down the way a lion would attack a gazelle.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I would give in to cravings which now dominated my every waking moment. I would cringe at local newscasts that mentioned girls who were murdered under mysterious unsolved circumstances. I wondered if perhaps I was living a Jekyll-Hyde existence, and that I was actually out there killing by night. There was never any evidence that such was the case. Praise the Lord! I felt I was trapped in a downward cycle, which could only end in death, madness or prison.

It was at this desperate time that the Lord. Jesus Christ entered my life. The final chapters of this volume will chronicle that fact that Jesus can save to the uttermost even someone as horrendous and wretched as I had become! I cannot say if they have all the powers and abilities attributed to them by lore.


Lucifer Dethroned

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Lucifer Dethroned (Book)

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