No compromises, no gimmicks. Just brilliant engineering backed by superior manufacturing, support, and an unsurpassed commitment to quality. Like all Crown amps, the defining characteristic of the Macro-Tech Series is sonic accuracy. A tight, rock-solid low end, with smooth, detailed highs and a well-defined midrange. And because we put the quality of sound above all else, a Crown is the most coveted amplifier in the business.

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Box , Elkhart, IN U. Telephone: Fax: Page 4: Magnetic Field The information furnished in this manual does not include all of the details of design, production, or variations of the equipment. Nor does it cover every possible situation which may arise during installation, operation or mainte- nance.

If you need special assistance beyond the scope of this manual, please contact our Technical Support Group. Page 6 3. Page 7: Welcome 1. Dust Filters parator indicators, they flash brightly with a 0. The switches are located amplifier should be off for at least 10 seconds be- behind the top dust filter about 1.

Balanced Phone Jack Inputs N. These phone connection. Page Installation 3. Turn off the amplifier and wait at least 10 seconds before changing this switch or in- The following instructions describe the most common ternal damage to the circuitry may result.

There are ways to install your amplifier in a sound system. A signal feeding Support Group. Channel 2 will have no effect on the output. Both outputs will now receive the signal from the Parallel-Mono mode is intended for driving loads with a Channel 1 input.

They have a minimum impedance of 10 K ohms 5 K ohms with unbalanced wiring and will accept the line-level output of most devices. The XLR connectors It includes a second-order Bessel low-pass Sometimes large infrasonic subaudible frequencies filter with a —3 dB frequency of 50 kHz.

This can cause output clipping and off-center woofer cone movement. To prevent possible short circuits, do not. Do not use connectors that might acciden-. If the size of the cable exceeds what you want to use, 1 find a way to use shorter cables, like using an IQ Your amplifier can generate high power levels. If your Page Operation 4.


Crown Amcron Macro-Tech 5000VZ/5002VZ



Crown Macro-Tech MA-5002VZ Datasheet


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