Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. She prepared her bow and pointed it downward. A wonderful story with several surprises along the way. Will they come through this together?

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. She prepared her bow and pointed it downward. A wonderful story with several surprises along the way. Will they come through this together? When he stops calling on her, she decides to make a change in her life. These books would be appropriate for teen and sensitive readers. I liked this one even better than most stxrla it gave the reader a tiny bit more, going past the 1NS into a month later and showing these guys have a real chance at an Syarla when they return to their real lives.

She decides to shift some to the wild side, free her inner wanton, and shake up the cowboy right down to his sexy toes. She set the quiver and bow down to cover her startling blonde hair—fortunately still up in braids wrapped about her head—with a chainmail coif. As the book starts out, it is a little difficult to get into the mmine.

Instead another group of English soldiers arrive and deliver a complicated message that turns her life forever upside down. In reward for his efforts fighting in the Crusades, King Edward gave him Middlemound Castle to hold for the crown. Can their marriage survive a change in the life they had settled into? Brandi is definitely okay with that part, especially with her sinfully handsome cowboy. I had some issues with this story, not the premise, a newly gay workaholic businessman is convinced by his ex to try the 1Night Stand dating service to lose his gay-virginity.

The CEO and the Cowboy. She belonged to him. Series by Starla Kaye. Again and another quick, fun read to get lost in and escape from reality. In fact, I discovered, while doing a bit of research on the topic, that the mere magggie of domestic discipline tied my stomach up in knots. She dares to shoot him in the leg with her arrow, foolishly risking the outraged retaliation of his soldiers.

Discover new books on Goodreads. Nicholas is a knight recently returned from the Crusades, who was given a new holding by King Edward for his loyalty. Because of this, I perceived a huge disconnect between the discipline aspect and any sexual desire. Lori rated it liked it Jan 19, As he nears the long, lean man with shaggy, graying hair, a hard on pushing at the front of his swim trunks, and a sexy-as-hell grin, the dreams pale in c A virgin gay man, Corbin is ready to ease into his new lifestyle, still, making the move scares him shitless.

Blushing Books Publications Buy Now Lacey was a particularly emotional woman at times and he tried his best to give her what she needed. Sometimes she stumbles, sometimes she must accept being disciplined by her husband for sttarla their rules and letting them both down. Nicholas Neville, Lord of Middleham, is leading his men home from Tunis.

Starla often tends to see things and life mie the rose-colored eyes of a romantic. These are not some short samples — this is sixteen chapters, over 60, words — for 99cents.

They were the hated English, at least hated by her. I felt what Maggie felt, her ups and downs. But overall, an enjoyable story. TOP Related Posts.


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Malazuru The book was about a 19 year old, virgin, named Maggie and a man, named Nicholas. Kendra spends her days and nights running a business, sculpting, and leading a Tahitian dance group in Kauai. Still struggling with that, he had to go to England and save his sister Maggie from being hung. Sam rated it it was ok Jul 25, When not writing or dreaming up another plotline and a new set of characters, she might be off traveling somewhere. The other guy is a landscaper whose lover died a couple of years ago.


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