I havent read the whole thing, but I Have read enough First off I found this quote interesting: " Pot stills are too rudementary in design and do not afford sufficient sepperation of the mash compounds to make a good quality whiskey. For this reason, they are never recommended for the production of beverage alcohol anymore" What the hell does that mean???? I am a novice at mashing grain, and I did find his portion on mashing grain and making washes to be informational.

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A high-level description of how all alcoholic beverages are made. A brief overview of what distillation is. An explanation of the difference between simple distillation and fractional distillation. An overview of distilled spirits in general. The definition of "Pure Corn Whiskey". How corn whiskey evoleved from the medieval discovery of distillation, to the Scotch-Irish migration to North America, to the fist bourbon distilleries in Kentucky.

How corn whiskey sustained the American frontier economically for over a century. How corn whiskey was once such a pervasive part of Americana and yet is all but completely lost on modern society.

Equipment Lists all the equipment required and where to buy it or how to make it. Describes how to make a beer stripper optional and a high-separation fractional distillation apparatus which fully emulates the most sophisticated commercial and scientific distillation equipment.

List of every component required. How all components can be purchased inexpensively from home building supply centres, and easily assembled by the average handyman e. The instructions are complete and diagrams and photographs of finished equipment and close-ups of key components.

The equipment can be operated one way to produce pharmaceutically pure alcohol, and another to produce whiskey and other flavour-positive spirits. Ingredients Lists the natural all-grain ingredients. Describes them, and tells where they can be purchased easily and inexpensively.

Mashing Describes the principles of mashing i. Gives straightforward methods of performing the chemical processes such as measuring pH, adjusting mineral content of mash water, and testing for completion of starch conversion.

How to make a batch of corn mash using an easy yet thoroughly modern and scientific mashing process modeled after commercial procedures using inexpensive, readily available equipment and ingredients. Fermentation Describes the principles of fermentation and yeast activity. All instructions are given with a thorough explanation of the science behind them.

A description of distilling terminology. The different attributes that affect whiskey flavour. Explains the phases of a distillation run. Describes the procedures requied to operate the still and its ancillary equipment such as: Systematic methods of transferring the mash and the low-wines to the still. Measuring alcohol content. How to perform a beer-stripping run How to flush and clean the still. Distillation Methods Fractional-distillation method of making whiskey: Making whiskey, and other flavour-positive spirits using a fractionating still.

A systematic process of identifying transition points i. Two tables showing the outputs of actual distillation runs, logging the exact flow-rates and quantities of each phast, affording the novice distiller patterns that can easily be duplicated. Pot-Still method of making whiskey: Describes a pot-still mode of operation of a fractionating still. Explains how to distill whiskey using an actual pot still.

Summary of Procedures A high-level overview of all the steps to produce a batch of corn whiskey. Pure-Ethanol Distillation Gives detailed procedures on how to make pure ethanol with a fractionating still. This can bedone to rectify excess feints or experimental batches of whiskey and other spirits, or it can be done expressly to make pure ethanol from neutral substrates such a straight sugar and water fermented with turbo yeast. Other Whiskey-Mash Recipes Whiskey recipes using other methods and other ingredients: Thin-mash recipes i.


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