It builds on the industry leading performance of its predecessor with new design elements focusing on the large part, large feature challenges common in many industries. Technical Specifications a81nx The a81nx expands part size capacities through enhanced table and column castings that coupled with an additional mm of Y-axis stroke produce Robust 3-roller style B-axis table bearings ensure stable cutting throughout this new found work zone. Large parts frequently mean large features too. Tool length, diameter and weight capacities of the a81nx have all increased to support large face mills, boring bars and line bar applications. Two new spindle designs provide productivity improvements in cutting and non-cutting performance.

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Hello everyone. I posted a while back about a Makino Horizontal that I bought off the Internet, lacking a personal inspection. Well, it bit me a little, just another reminder that these machines need to be inspected in person before purchase. No major issues, like the spindle bearings thank god but enough to be a pain in the rear. After battling our way thru a couple things, I have finally gotten to the point where I might need to call Makino out to take a look at her. It alarmed out with a E alarm on the encoder plc in the back cabinet.

I looked up the alarm, it says that the rotary encoder or cable is bad. So I replace the encoder. Seemed to fix it for about the first 15 tool changes. Then the same thing. The machine usually, usually, does the first three tool changes without a problem. Once it goes full speed I get the E alarm on the encoder plc in the back cabinet. The tool change stops, never in the same spot, it could be half way thru, it could be starting, you get the idea.

I can run the tool changer in Medium speed for about 5 tool changes of so So now we looked at the cable long cable and it looks like new. I lean toward the PLC or whatever that thing is that the encoder hooks up to. The company I hired to do the install says the arm timing is right. It appears to be. Makes me think that the timing is off. I looked up how to time the tool changer, and it appears to be complex. So I am stuck. I do have a megger and an oscilloscope, but I have only meggered motor cables.

Not sure about the encoder.


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