They are as follows:- 1 Direct proof 2 false knowledge 3 imagination 4 sleep 5 memory. Direct proof of three kinds:- a Direct perception b Inference c Verbal testimony. False knowledge is delusion i. Imagination is a mere apperception following verbal knowledge devoid of any substantial reality. Sleep is a modification of mind with feeling of nothingness. Memory is the recollection of past experiences.

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Article About Website : www. Without it neither Indianness nor the purest form of man can exist. Today there is a sickening effort to destroy the increased craze for Yoga.

It is being presented in different forms under different headings. Revered Maharaj Shree has not only brought Yoga out of the caves and presented it to common people with ease but has made people across the globe practice it. Today Indians along with people from western countries are trying to harm the intact tradition of Yoga. In times like this the need of the hour is to introduce Yoga to the entire world through internet, so that nobody can harm Yoga Darshan in any form and no outsider acquires an the domain name of Patanjali Sutra.

Under this project we will present Yoga Darshan in entirety on Internet so that all intro-specters across the globe are able to do self- study of Yoga Darshan. We are committed to provide our readers with a simplified written explanation of each sutra along with an audio of its rendition in correct pronunciation. To help common users understand its meaning, a simplified version of its written explanation as well as an audio will also be provided.

For the convenience of a large number of Anglo Indians, a simple translation and explanation of each Sutra in Anglo language will also be made available. As mentioned earlier it is a collaborative attempt by all those who will contribute in the success of this programme. Considering Germans have a special attraction for Yoga since time immemorial, it is our endeavour to get not only Yoga but the entire Indian Vedic Shastra translated into German as well.

With each narrative we will try to include Vyas language in it so that our effort towards Yoga Darshan moves a step closer to completion and anyone from anywhere is able to access information related to Yoga on internet whether they are learners of initial Yoga or philosophical debaters and researchers on Yoga. Alongside, an effort is being made to express each Sutra in verse form so that Yoga finds expression in poetry too. Born in , She completed here Masters in Physics year Her love and passion for physics has motivated her to think beyond classical physics to quantum and beyond.

She find her answers in Vedic literature and ancient Indian books and Sciences. Achieved exceptional in her career as science teacher Monika now spend time reading Vedic literature and seeing it through lenses of physics. As all ancient literature is originally available in sanskrit, She has learned sanskrit for better understanding of the text.

This has opened a all new horizon to look beyond conventional. Monika ji is a regular meditator and follower of of Vedic heritage of India. Her inclination towards Vedic heritage has motivated her in translating books into easy and understandable language both English and Hindi. We thank Monika ji for translating Patanjali Yog Sutra word by word and making it available for or this website and general public.

This translation in easy dialect will help people at large. OM Less Mrs. Neelam Tahlan Mrs. Read more She is married to Dr. A proud mother of two she is vivacious and full of life. In the year , soon after completing post- graduation she was appointed as Lecturer in English in C. She has a passion and flair for teaching. Being very active she indulges in social work in her little capacity. Her diverse experience in three decades of teaching career has enhanced and strengthened her inter-personal and administrative skills as it involves a constant interaction with the students and teachers on day to day basis and a lot of decision making.

Being able to teach individuals and groups effectively has been her goal and passion since the beginning of her career. From past experiences and education, she has acquired persuasive techniques that are needed to influence people in making choices.

Her leadership skills have enabled her to effectively defuse problem situations using tact. Neelam is equally comfortable working independently or as part of a team and is highly motivated. Accepting challenges is the foundation of her life experiences and something she does with confidence.

She is a totally committed individual with pride in being direct, spontaneous and communicative. Neelam has been an active sportsperson too. Till date she enjoys playing Badminton as and when possible due to a hectic schedule. Her other hobbies include reading, listening to music and gardening.



For example, in verse II. Patanjali states that practice of the Yamas is universal and it should not be limited by class, place, time or circumstances. Patanjali does not list any specific asana, except the terse suggestion, "posture one can hold with comfort and motionlessness". It is a process of retracting the sensory experience from external objects.







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