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Non standard fittings. Sketchy QC for the cost. OK, I am only a hobbyist and a beginner when it comes to machining but I do have a technical background in related areas through my former profession, so I feel there is some gravity to my comments on this machine.

Before first use I had to risk applying more force than I was comfortable with to open the chuck jaws and remove some muck that had crept in at some point during manufacture. Luckily, as far as I can tell no damage has occurred. Not a big deal but tedious considering them being brand new.

I certainly wont dare to work any of this equipment too hard. The turning wheel on the lathe tail stock appears to have a little left to right play.

But to my mind, this is a locking device, not a set screw. The three jaw chuck can be removed and ER11 collets can be inserted, providing more precise turning of concentric round stock, a nice feature.

But the threading for the collet nut is not standard, meaning one has to buy the Proxxon collet set at much inflated cost, which is a bit of a con in my world. They do at least supply a spanner for removing the chuck, but its small, cheap and nasty and best thrown away to avoid damaging the machine and your hands.

In general, accessories for this model are limited, for instance there is no four jaw chuck option, so one really is limited to only making round parts or working on round stock, unless one risks making and using split collets in the chuck or the myriad of other workarounds.

Its doable but can be a bit risky to say the least, especially for a beginner like me. As for tooling, I get the feeling that one would be hard pressed to get anything to fit other than the limited selection that the manufacturer supplies, again at extra cost. I have yet to spend out in this area and give tooling from other sources a try, but my guess is that without modification little will fit or be of any practical use at all.

OK, I could have chosen the next model up in the range and have been a lot less restricted, thats a given. But lack of space and failing health mean that small and light is now my premium requirement and the FD fits the bill by a country mile with this model. Thats what forced my hand. Of course, I know that small means limitations and if I could handle something a little more substantial I would have bought it, and maybe from Proxxon. I do like the look But why the lack of accessories for this particular model?

Especially when certain design features mean that one can not fit standard parts from other sources, or from what I can tell, other models in their own range. Something conveniently glossed over in their sales pitch. Of course, we can all make a fair prediction of how far that will get me. Sadly for now though, its already looking like this reasonable quality lathe will turn out to be a bit of a let down after a just a few days of turning ever decreasing circles.

Still, given the lack of accessories, theres a small chance It wont pack up after just a few months of ownership. I have posted this correspondence verbatim as a follow up. It should make a good guide for potential buyers. They were very prompt in their reply which is a plus point. This was not mentioned in the sales pitch, which is borderline misleading in my opinion.

So, I can just about swallow paying the over inflated price for the Proxxon ER11 collet set, but there is another catch to this. It appears that your company only makes a very limited amount of accessories for this unit, for instance there is no mention of a 4 jaw independent chuck on your website. Also, the tool post accepts 6mm tooling, of which the Proxxon range is again very limited. I have yet to find another company that produces 6mm tooling, for instance a Knurling tool. If not, can the company recommend a supplier that can provide appropriate parts?

Their response. Dear Mr. Nxxxxx, Thank you for your enquiry. I would like to answer on certain paragraphs of your message in red colour. Further explanations are written in black. We are sorry when you feel not correctly informed. With this explanation, we would like to explain that on the side of the chuck and not onto the tailstock one can mount collets instead of a chuck.

However, it is clearly mentioned in both our website and catalogue that the ER 11 collets are mounted with a special clamping nut. Furthermore, the M 16x1 thread is mentioned, as well. M16x1 is no unique thread, it is a ISO conform fine-thread. No where else makes or supplies them. Their special collet nut is mentioned in the collet set ad, not in the lathe ad. Two very seperate purchse items. This makes a price of approx. EUR 12,- per collet without the clamping nut and packaging!

Our main competence is the production of the lathe itself and not the accessories. All accessories we produce should cover the basic need of each user. We do not want to offer a full range of accessories, but a good choice from one source. We are afraid your need is not covered, unfortunately. In red. However, new items are mostly introduced as a response on our customers wishes.

We keep your desires in our mind! Of course their were no results, hence the enquiry. The search in German came up with a few cutting bits but thus far no 4 jaw chuck or knurling tool.

This is up to you. As mentioned, we offer a certain range of accessories that cover the basic need of a lathe user. However, one cannot expect this compact machine to be as versatile as a standard-sized lathe. In other words, yes. Your stuck. I am pretty sure most of our statements will not meet your expectations. However, we kindly ask you for your understanding.


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