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Ey Rabbimiz! So each side of the crusaders and Tatar raids were ravaged. Muslims, some of today such as wealth and lust pursued fard and Sunnah while ignoring a different life, clad in a part of the asceticism life orientation, saying that the world no responsibility to have no such from around the world face had turned.

A third group t jihad against the enemies of Islam in different regions of the effort was for. Nawawi, in such a case what ought to be done that day, knowing the people how and what should present the book and the Sunnah cling detected as a couple and in that period divided into three groups of people all true to a certain extent you want to merge, the learning and living the way this book, has revealed it was.

The individual, family and community plan needs to be done in full snapping it into place with all kinds of verses and hadiths that fall into heresy and innovations tried to show the real Islam. Without succumbing to the excesses and tephrite unpretentious and modest ways and methods of Islamic structuring subunits of the main topics in this book with verses and hadith has been revealed.

The work consists of the main section 18 and section of every Muslim must read every year that is reminiscent of a time. But in terms of sanad of this hadith also found a weak sanad and other ways of voicing supplemented these scholars, as well as to criticize seven centuries by scholars that no one must say that and always be appreciated.

As far as we can determine the number of hadiths which are repeated in this book is around So the same or another hadith narrated by ravi hadiths on the same subject again to a few that were concerned about the number of these is not a repeat for fluff was repeated as required.

Up to this day this work was conducted in Arabic commentaries. Turkish translation is also in a few were made. Different volume number and by different publishers various editions of works of art of the benefits as well as cild number is more than the language of the former occurs, pressure and composition failures in terms of many of understanding difficult situations we face therefore terci, and arranged to have entered.

Our Lord! After submitting us to the right path, this is really a diversion than our heart


Riyazü's Salihin



Riyazü's-Sâlihîn (İmam-ı Nevevi) (8 Cilt)


ASCE 24-05 PDF

Riyazus Salihin Hadisleri Mp3 indir


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