It is popular for producers of documentaries and other television programs because of its small size and relatively low cost. It records in i. The consumer models lacked professional features such as XLR inputs and some manual controls. The HVR-Z7 breaks this pattern as it has all professional features of previous prosumer models, and has no consumer equivalent, although it has a larger shoulder-mounted sister camera, the HVR-S Both video cameras feature interchangeable lenses. Compact Flash recording is achieved by a supplied CF card recorder that is removable and connects via a proprietary firewire connection or 6 pin firewire.

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So far it is giving us the required quality picture and sound. A few challenges in balancing up two cameras on set. I chose this model because it comes with an extra external microphone and a second XLR input.

It delivered convincing results in concert recordings. Einkauf bei Globalmedia war bestens Leider war die Menuesprache nur Englisch, das geht aber voll ok! Danke an GMpro Best picture, life like images. By Michal from Kolarovice - Slovakia on Mam tuto kameru uz vyse dvoch mesiacov a som snou nadmieru spokojny. Optika je velmi dobra lebo nepotrebujete sirokouhlu predsadku oproti inym kameram. V slabych svetelnych podmienkach pracuje taktiez velmi dobre co som si uz viac krat vyskusal.

Zvuk je excelentny a externy mikrofon pracuje tiez velmi dobre Very good solution for this little money By g. Nice filmlike pictures. All needed features, but no TC and Genlock. Velmi se mi za tu kratkou dobu, co ji vlastnim osvedcila programovatelna tlacitka mam pod nimi napr. Peak, Smooth slow motion, Focus Extender Vyborne jsou i profily - podarilo se mi tam "simulovat" PDku, kterou uz mam dele a pocitam s tim, ze budu tocit casto na obe Ma vyborne sklo a na prvni dojem me ohromila kvalita opticke stabilizace.

Mohl bych pokracovat jeste dlouho, a stejne bych na neco zapomnel Muzu tedy jen doporucit. Excellent service! I have already shoot a lot of tapes, without any problems. Editing is not a problem in Adobe Premiere CS4. The result till now is great. The zoom and also the excellent sharpness is outstanding. By the way, the packaging by GlobalmediaPro and the speed of the FedEx also where great. Within 5 days it arrived in Holland. The only minuspoint where the Dutch Customers, they were slow.

It tooks still 10 days before the parcel arrived at my home. To track the package is outstanding and always up to date. So far so good. Till an other ordered item, I would say.

Thanks, GlobalMediaPro. Henk Gulikers, cameraman,director. Excellent camera. God bless you! Really impressive. Nebudu zde popisovat jednotliva zlepseni oproti Z1, kazdy muze porovnet na inter. Jen si neodpustim sve prekvapeni z velmi kvalitniho sirokouhleho objektivu.


Sony HVR-Z5U Camcorder



Sony HVR-Z5C Service Manual


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