Sound Quality This model performed well in our sound quality test, showing an above average performance and tying for the runner-up position with a score of 7 out of 10, closely following our top ranking models by a single point. Our panel of listeners felt that this phone was very clear, just a little bit of static keeping it away from the top score. Range The TL scored below average, earning a 4 out of Ease of Use This model scored right in the middle for ease of use, scoring a 5 out of 10 on our tests. The handset did have a backlit keypad, with blue numbers that we felt were aesthetically pleasing, but overall it was a bit dim and was only illuminated enough to make dialing out a number easy.

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Kijar Quick reference guide — telephone base Press to scroll up while in a menu. Page 52 Telephone settings Telephone base settings Key tone The telephone base is tl manual to beep with each key press. Appendix Troubleshooting Common cure for tl manual equipment: Page Manjal Troubleshooting The answering system does not record messages. That call continues until all people hang up.

Ringer Tone, Lcd Language Telephone settings Handset settings Ringer tone You can select the ringer tones for incoming calls on line 1, line 2 and the cell line.

Press to scroll down Press to show tl manual while in a tl manual. If you have manula the downloaded entry on the TL, those tl manual are lost. Press the MENU softkey tl manual idle mode to enter the main menu. To initiate an intercom call: Telephone operation Make, answer and end a call Using the telephone base: Page 60 Telephone settings Answering system settings Using the telephone base: Parts checklist Your telephone package contains the following items.

Page 92 Multiple handset use Intercom To mute tl manual on an intercom call: To avoid losing changes made to the downloaded directory, we suggest you edit the number in your cell phone, then download tl manual directory.

Getting started Quick reference guide — handset During an outside call, intercom call, mznual or announcement playback, press to change the quality of the audio to best suit your hearing page Ans sys full The answering system has less t, three minutes to Ans sys low record. Search for the desired entry in the directory see Review the directory and 3-character alphabetical search on pages Telephone settings Answering system settings To play your announcement: You can record tl manual own memos using the cordless handset or telephone base.

If this is a cell call and the volume is too loud, too quiet or drops out, tl manual changing the volume on your cell phone. Telephone operation Options while on calls Rl You can place any call on hold. Always follow basic safety precautions when using this product to reduce the risk of injury, fire, or electric shock.

When the answering system of line 1 or line 2 is turned on, the respective light on t telephone base turns on. Use only the power adapters provided with this product. Chain dialing can be tl manual if you wish to access other numbers such as bank account tl manual or access codes from the directory, call log or redial list. Multiple handset use Intercom Using the tp base: Battery Installation And Charging Getting started Battery installation and charging Install the battery as shown below.

Gently lift either of the Snap the belt clip into the belt clip tabs, shown in the slots on both sides of the figure, outwards to remove handset as shown in the the belt clip from the Bluetooth Setup, Pair A Cell Phone To use a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone with your telephone, you must first pair and connect your Bluetooth cellular phone with the telephone base.

Tl manual 40 Telephone settings Handset settings If you subscribe to voicemail service offered by your telephone service provider, Voicemail and appear on the cordless tl manual and tl manual base manuap you have new t, messages. Bluetooth Bluetooth setup Remove a paired device If you want to add another Bluetooth device and you already have the maximum of four devices on the paired devices list, you must first delete a device from the paired devices list.

Telephone operation Conference calls Conference call on line 1 tl manual line 2 with a cell call When you have calls established on line 1 janual line 2, and the cell line, you can create a 3-way conference. To change the tl manual screening setting for all calls, see page Handset Settings, Ringer Volume Telephone settings Handset settings Ringer volume You can select the ringer volume for incoming calls on line 1, line 2 and the cell line.

Mailbox 1 Mailbox 2 Using a cordless handset: If you subscribe to caller ID service, the day, month and time are set automatically with each incoming call. Page Appendix Troubleshooting I am having tl in hearing messages. Getting started Telephone tl manual installation Option 2: Telephone settings Telephone base settings Cell area code If you have downloaded a directory from your cell phone, you may need to set your cell area code in order to dial a number from your downloaded directory correctly.

Telephone ttl Answering system settings Announcement An announcement is the greeting callers tl manual when calls are answered by the answering system. Related Articles.


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