Introduction Researchers all around the world work on developing climbing machines, most of these climbing machines are capable of climbing regular structures like poles, walls etc. But a very few are capable of climbing trees, main reason being irregular surface and variation of diameter with length []. It also requires greater agility and high manoeuvrability to be used as a product. Also the bark of some trees may not be strong enough to bear the weight of the climbing device, hence conventional climbing machine cannot be used for tree climbing applications []. Many trees like coconut tree, arecanut tree, and palm trees are so tall that climbing them becomes risky. Hence harvesting fruits and nuts and maintaining them becomes difficult.

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Design and Fabrication Of Arecanut tree Climber -Mechanical Project Introduction Arecanut is an erect, unbranched palm reaching heights of m, depending upon the environmental conditions.

The stem is marked with scars of fallen leaves in a regular annulated form. Arecanut almost always exist in cultivation; therefore, conditions of its natural habitat are difficult to assess. It however thrives in areas of high rainfall.

Being a shade loving species, arecanut always does well when grown as a mixed crop with fruit trees. The majority of arecanut are harvested by climbing the tree and cutting the nuts down by hand. This process may seem simple; however, it is actually quite dangerous. In response, there is a genuine need to develop a device. Objectives of the project In an attempt to assist the climbers, an arecanut tree climbing device has been designed to meets the following goals It will be controlled from the ground.

Both men and women will be able to operate the device. The arecanut tree climber will be able to harvest faster than present methods. Mechanization of conventional methods used in harvesting the crops is very much essential to assist the farmer.

The aim is to build a prototype that can successfully climb an arecanut tree of variable diameters and height. Here we are designing and fabricating motorized arecanut tree climber.

The tree climber has a base on which the rollers are fitted using self aligning bearings at a distance as the diameter of a standard areca tree. On one extreme end of the base, gear box and above that the motor is mounted. The power from the motor to the rollers is transmitted by using sprocket and chain drive.

To obtain the required speed of the rollers a reduction gear box is used in between the motor and the rollers. The machine is placed around the tree and clamped to it using a swivel opening on one side of the base.

Due to the weight of the motor, gear box and some extra mass concentrated on one end of the base the machine locks itself to the tree. Now the motor is switched ON to drive the rollers. When the rollers rotate gripping the tree, the whole setup is lifted along the length of the tree. After reaching the required height the motor is switched OFF.

Once the job is done the motor is made to rotate in the reverse direction to descend down the tree.


Design and Fabrication Of Arecanut tree Climber






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