Contra la expectativa general y para desaliento del vocal de la puerta, era un desconocido. Tal vez, para el gobierno, era mejor repetir las elecciones y esperar que el pueblo votase ordinariamente por sus partidos. Es menester a los sospechosos encontrarlos. El ministro de defensa era el mas perplejo, un ochenta y tres por ciento, puede que no sea debido a grupos anarquistas, pero es un atentado, para el ministro de defensa, terrorista. Cual la respuesta, cual la repuesta, y en efecto respuesta ha de haber, o acaso el dinero que a los investigadores les paga el Estado no es para resultados obtener?

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Im now on my fifth! Thank you, Geo! It was my first Saramago. On my my sixth now. Apr 15, AM Shelves: nobel-reading-project , jose-saramago Set in an unnamed city, once again Jose Saramago creates an impossible sitiuation in order to write about the human condition. Jose Saramago was a humble genius, one of the rare few writers who could talk about the trival and mundane and make them seem so magical and important.

As usual, he sets out to explore and joust with preconceived universal truths and every day notions, and exposes them, flips them on their heads, re-affirms familiar and age-old truths because in his own words "But truths Set in an unnamed city, once again Jose Saramago creates an impossible sitiuation in order to write about the human condition.

If the shoe fits. This novel acts like an inverted Kafka piece; this time the bureaucracy and snivelling politicians are having the nightmare. The idea explored here, and it is a novel of ideas, is what would happen if democracy failed? Casting a blank vote is a perfectly legal thing to do and since the novel has no secret eventually-revealed conspirator behind the blank votes other than Saramago himself it is quite clear that it is not important how the masses managed to simultaneously think and act upon the radical action of casting a blank vote.

Saramago is concerned with the aftermath, the ramifications and gives him a unique canvass to paint his wise thoughts onto. This is something Saramago does in all his works that I have read thus far, he is fascinated with linguistics, I mean, how can people lay siege to a city that they are already in?

In Blindness, Saramago showed how ordinary people would resort to barbarism when everything failed, this time around it is the government The Interior Minister and his sub-ordinates who act inhumanely; spying, imprisonment, interrogation, and more which ends in them evacuating the city, thus leaving the amusingly named "Blankers" to their own ends.

In typical Saramago style Style is imperfection says Orhan Pamuk in his novel My Name Is Red he writes sentences that run on for large paragraphs, sometimes even entire pages, he only uses commas and full stops, the occasional parentheses,never an exclamtion mark as he is too gentle an author to do that.

The characters are named by their job titles and position within the hierarchy. His comments on religion, faith and gods are always a treat to read, so insightful historically and joyously, pointedly funny.


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Ensayo sobre la lucidez, de José Saramago


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Ensayo sobre la lucidez


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