Steve rated it it was amazing Jan 09, I also slowly change them in places where an idea occurs so I can play them slightly varied. At least you will have a year I also have found that by beginning my practice with some body exercises and stretching, similar to some in yoga exercises, really help calm down my mind and this allows me to really focus on my practice. Encyclopedia of Guitar Virtuosity. As Anthony alluded to, it has a lot of right hand exercises, what we guitarists kitharolgous probably call arpeggios. Kitharologus: The Path to Virtuosity: A Technical Workout Manual for All Guitarists Ideas from one technique study can be applied to various other techniques, as an example, the ligado advocated in certain left hand exercises made me ponder trying to flow continuously from one rasgueado to another, which I think might be a cool effect when used well. Giuseppe Maderni is currently reading it Nov 22, Federer is for example blessed with extraordinarily sharp reactions amongst other attributes such as sparkling footwork, almost telepathic anticipation and the simple ability ktiharologus strike the ball better than anyone else.

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One of my awesome followers bought me this book to check out and review thanks. Or maybe from his On Practicing: A Manual for Students , a small, concise, booklet on how to practice well. This is an intense deep dive into the physiology and mechanics of guitar playing.

It relates anatomical information to the practical experience of playing the guitar. Chapter one takes a look at anatomy itself and is more than I can handle on this front, but teachers and people who want to geek-out on this stuff will not be disappointed.

Some graphics are not the best quality but most are just fine and the textual info is solid and well structured. The videos, although not the best quality resolution, do have Iznaola himself explaining the techniques and his teaching style which is pretty amazing just as a record of his teaching. It would be amazing to add a younger generation of students into the video as well, although he mentions some of these changes and demonstrates the changes in playing style over the years.

I rarely watch guitar technique videos but I was pretty interested in what he had to say. There is a YouTube playlist for the videos and an unlisted link inside the book. Not very comprehensive, only 16 videos and each one only around a minute long so like minutes overall. My videos are 20min long for just one simple lesson! There are hidden gems of knowledge and tips here that every guitarist will be interested in, but will they have the time to sift through the book?

Students should be cautious of geeking out on the book as it might distract them from the experience of playing and interacting with their teacher. It depends on the student though. Personally, I learn and teach through experience, feeling, and interaction with other players and my teachers, not lengthy knowledge or information in books.

They just studied with great teachers and played in tons of masterclasses by great teachers. But for those who have played and studied a number of years already this book could reveal useful realizations about how our bodies work and how we approach the guitar.

Heady beginners might even get some good pointers from specific sections. Teachers may like to be more informed about anatomy as well. This wealth of information and pedagogical experience makes this book an important contribution to the guitar world. Structured in three chapters, Chapter 1 surveys basic anatomy and physiology of the upper limb, with additional sections discussing general pedagogical considerations.

Chapter 3 discusses at length left-hand physiomechanics, taking the concepts of shifting and mobility as fundamental categories encompassing all aspects of left-hand technique.

Twenty-six anatomical figures, over fifty photos and more than sixty musical examples, with access to online video amply illustrate the text.


Ricardo Iznaola: Kitharologus The Path to Virtuosity



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