AFI 36-2504 PDF

Kagajind Remove 1 year after nonselection. UP-4 T Remove on completion of overseas tour. The review authority evaluates decisions to file Article 15 in the afk record when the commander is not a GCMCA or fai level commander: Who makes the Article 15 filing decision: This listing is used for active duty personnel and managed according to paragraph 2. Retain copies used to support pay matters overseas incentive extension bonus program or special compensation pay. R A ULE If request is to correct name is 1 due to change by court-order, decree, or to comply with local state law 2 as a result of marriage or dissolution of marriage 3 by adding or deleting a designation or middle name 4 at time of naturalization 5 that it was erroneously recorded see note 5 B then the member must furnish MPF, Customer Service, see notes 1 and 2 a certified copy of the court order or decree or evidence of compliance with state law regarding changes of name in state where individual is located see note 3. Give to individual concerned when to master sergeant, unless otherwise directed under AFI For multiple awards of the same decoration, arrange in date sequence with the most recent on top.

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For officer personnel, remove on completion of ADSC. How to Request MPerRs. A document in the MPerRGp may the original, or ari designated copy, and may be the only existing copy. Title 32 and Remove when member retires, separates without immediate return or continuation on active dutyor dies. HR Health Record Group. Reserve NAFs do not have access to active duty files or to civilian files. Authority to obtain copies of, information from, or possess MPerRs and access data in the MPerFs is limited to those persons with an official requirement for the information.

Remove when all actions included thereon have been superseded or expired. Individuals will review the record before it is sent to AFPC. The authorities in paragraph 6. Conducting the Face-to-Face RRev. File in section of AF Form 10 listed for form which is replaced. The decision memorandum must be signed personally by the decision authority.

Review all Article 15 actions received and complete the following actions: Remove on expiration of contract. The commander also prepares the memorandum figure A4. Attachment 2 shows where to file authorized documents in records. When submitting an itinerary, include date and place of departure and arrival and all modes of transportation from home of record to TDY station ensure member dates and signs the itinerary.

You will be notified of the final decision. If enlisted member does not have DD Form on file in the UPRG, file a statement signed by the verifying official indicating the date of change and naturalization certificate number. These requirements do not apply to the individuals who merely wish to review documents in their own records, such as the last OPR. Ask individual to provide copies of source documents whenever possible.

Two-year Mail-out Reconciliation Audit. File only those aeronautical orders disqualifying member from aviation service or removing from parachute jump status in the FRGp. Any outside organization receiving file extracts, tapes, or floppy disks must use the information for the designated purpose and protect it as AFIThe Air Force Computer Security Program prescribes.

Afii Date and Place of Birth. Review By the Individual. Remove on completion of initial active duty service commitment. Retain for personnel released from active duty. Remove when the suspended involuntary separation is permanently canceled. No report required according to AFI Record custodians will tell personnel who use military personnel records that the concealment, removal, mutilation, or destruction records or documents may be a criminal offense under Title 1, U.

Consider changes submitted according to paragraph 7. TOP Related Posts.


AFI 36-2504 PDF

Screen the UPRG versus atch 2 for temporary documents required to be removed; staple these documents together and give them to the member. Thereafter, one copy of each report rendered is to be filed. Retain existing OCSRs and store for future use. Staple all documents together and forward with AF Formwithin 5 calendar days of date arrived station to the appropriate address: Custodians must make records of performance available to support evaluation boards prescribed by AFIOfficer Evaluation System. Provide an official photocopy of the report of separation or certificate of discharge DD Form or equivalent formwhen requested by the individual.


Officer Promotions

If a member elects to reenlist instead of being discharged or released from active duty return all records to the respective records custodians. The MPerRGp custodian may keep records for 90 to days to ensure inclusion of late flowing permanent documents. Some examples of other documents filed in the PIF are separation actions, newcomers letters, line of duty determinations, assignment and sponsorship correspondence, local clearance actions, promotion actions, credit information, favorable or unfavorable correspondence not filed in the UIF, counseling records, appointment scheduling correspondence, additional duties and duty roster information, duty status correspondence, personnel actions correspondence, and participation or training information on ARC personnel. Complete this item only for nonparticipating afo for example, Individual Ready Reserve and Retired Regulars. Remove on effective of retirement or notification of disapproval.

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