Vira Do not touch electrical components; danger of electric shock. In particular, immediately rectify have rectified any faults that could be detrimental to safety. Transport with lifting cradle. Machine can start automatically or by remote start command.

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Vira Do not touch electrical components; danger of electric shock. In particular, immediately rectify have rectified any faults that could be detrimental to safety. Transport with lifting cradle. Machine can start automatically or by remote start command. The oil then flows through the oil filter [10] and back to the point of injection. When the maximum pressure is reached the machine switches to idle running. Draining the oil from the cooler 2 Fig. Minimum pressure check valve leaks.

Moisture can lead to corrosion, particularly on the surfaces of the airend and oil separator tank. Installation and maintenance personnel Authorized installation and maintenance personnel: Turn the adjusting screw 2 anticlockwise with a screwdriver.

Turn the oil filter clockwise to tighten. Maintenance personnel 3 ft radius from the machine Tab. Components removed from the machine can still be dangerous. Before Every Initial Startup Initial start up of the machine may only be carried out by trained and authorized installation or maintenance personnel. Remove the male hose fitting from the hose coupling. Warm water and household detergent Spare parts as required Pre kaese Inlet valve oil filling port.

Danger from spring force. Change the oil separator cartridge. Check that the correct connections kanual made for the supply voltage provided for the machine. Machine is switched off. Ensure that labels and notices are clearly legible. The life of the oil separator cartridge is influenced by: Adjust minimum pressure kaessr or replace defective parts as necessary. Check input power, check wiring, tighten any loose connections. Place the end of the oil drain hose in the oil container and secure it in place.

Kaesef old oil completely and replace with recommended type. Since the venting line is closed, pressure in the oil separator tank will rise slowly to the relief valve blow off pressure. Switch machine off and check for leaks.

Manually venting the compressed air cooler Remove the screws 1 and carefully release pressure. Renew the mat if cleaning is not possible of has already been carried out five times. The machine must be adequately packed. Ambient temperature too low. Socket is still in the hose coupling at the oil separator tank or aftercooler. Check belts after the mmanual 24 hours of operation. Lubrication of an air compressor is essential to reliable operation.

Danger levels Warning notices indicate three levels of danger identified by the signal word under the danger symbol. Run the machine once a week under load for at least 30 minutes to ensure corrosion protection. Uncontrolled release of this force can cause serious injury or death. Maintenance Within the machine.

Tighten loose connections, repair or replace defective parts as necessary. Initial filling of a fully vented air system generally creates a very high rate of flow through air treatment devices. Check the supply with a phase sequence indicator. Switch on at the main disconnect. Before undertaking any maintenance kanual service work on the pressure system the machine must be isolated from the air system and completely vented.

Installation Beneath the lifted machine. Severe injury or death from released compressive forces. Do not inhale oil mist or vapor. Related Posts



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