Goulden is predominantly a researcher of esoteric sciences, a metaphysician. He holds an M. His research at Cambridge University focused on the theory-dependence of scientific observation. In his doctoral work, he investigated the emergent or revived paradigm of a multidimensional reality, carrying out certain experiments in subtle energy phenomena by reference to the Egyptian radiesthesia concepts and instrumentation of Dr. Ibrahim Karim and the Bioresonance concepts and instrumentation of Paul Schmidt.

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Behind the Veil Behind the Veil, by Dr. Alexander Goulden is one of the favorite courses of technical analysts and serious traders. Baumring Financial List Dr. Technical Analysis Technical Analysis involves using technical tools and mathematical measurements in order to determine expected directional movements, reverses or changes in the market.

Advanced forms of this technique use mathematical and scientific or geometric tools to project market action or forecast future movement, looking at elements of price, time and trend. Prophecy A generalized term for any kind of metaphysical methodology for predicting future events.

Examples would be psychic phenomena, reading crystal balls, scrying mirrors, numerology, astrology, and many more such divinatory techniques. These systems are popular amongst esoteric traders and forecasters seeking insight into future events.

Art In Ancient times, art was more than a form of entertainment or decoration, being a means of preserving various forms and levels of knowledge, including scientific principles.

A core element is called "The Canon", whereby through ratio, proportion, shape and symbolism, an entire system of universal knowledge can be encoded and preserved. Mathematics We have a selected collection of unusual books presenting alternative metaphysical concepts and mathematics, including conceptual approaches useful for financial forecasting or more esoteric cosmological theory. Both WD Gann and Dr. Baumring used methods of calculating universal ordering processes focused upon methods of prediction.

William D. Daniel T. Ferrera Our most popular author, Dan Ferrera is a master of making complicated ideas easy to apply. His popular Yearly Outlook provides a fascinating and accurate analysis of market action. Dr Lorrie Bennett Dr. Lorrie Bennett is one of the only Gann experts to have cracked the Law of Vibration! Jerome Baumring Dr. Baumring is the only known person to have fully cracked W. The deepest Gann research sourcework ever compiled. The key tool uses an astronomical component which consistently and beautifully predicts the angle of attack or slope of a forthcoming trend.

This is combined with a simple astro-timing tool which indicates the next turns out and a geometrical price projection tool which provides the two most probable price projections for each move. The Periodic Table of Elements determines a system of order based upon atomic structure which generates a master number set for each market defining its structure in price and time.

Timothy Walker A detailed exploration and analysis of W. This study provides the foundation that Gann required for ALL of his students before learning to forecast. This insight will provide you with a series of highly profitable trades for the rest of your life!


Behind the Veil: Table of Contents

A core component of this advanced system is the science of the Chronocrators Time Lords , without which forecasting becomes ineffective. Those with a serious interest in heavyweight astrology and market science will gain important insights from this work available from no other source. The course includes unique revisions of an ancient method by which to rectify a nativity. It explains the astrological factors which regulate the timing of pivots and the direction of trend. It also reveals certain astrological secrets which determine price.


Ferrera is an applied technical trading system using the essentials of risk management with Gann based swing trading. Jerome Baumring. Scientific phenomena are seen as a basis of correlation and causation underlying the financial market, indicating a symbiotic relationship between Cosmic forces and reactions on Earth. Swing Trading Swing Trading works with short to intermediate term swings, usually with time periods from a few days to weeks, following a general changing trend and trading in each direction. Most systems consider position reversal, and try to trade short and long as the market changes direction. Gann taught swing trading first, with its relatively easy methodology.


The accretion of non-manifest electromagnetic units of identity-awareness to form quarks, atoms and gross matter is ordered. So too are the processes by which the resultant spherical energy domains evolve through the spiralling cycles of time. Encoded and reproduced within each fractal iteration, each holographic tessera, are to be found the patterns and laws of the whole. Herein lies the key to the financial markets.


Donald Bradley Donald Bradley is famous for creating the Siderograph model of market action, and he wrote other astrological books which we publish in our Collected Works of Donald Bradley. His Siderograph Model is famous for providing an almost perfect model of market action over the year. Our course has years of Siderograph models Vol 1.

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